Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year!

“Type---type---type---- back---back---back---type---back---delete………”, yes that’s how it sounds when I think of writing now-a-days. Almost 3 months now and still that gimpy feel of recollecting what happened in past days. All I could remember is pasting one of our Hyderabad Tourism pronounced snap in a gifted frame today morning and checking the marriage pics of one of my college friends on FB :)
Well…with all the preoccupations, I felt it would be unfair to ignore the space that too when I am so close to the new year and have all frozen up for this year.
I am just out of the Christmas freeze and could hear the New Year express coming on my lazy platform. All set in place, food stuffed for winters, no pending tasks, reserved ample time to catch friends on FB - checking them travel, party, marry :)
All well in the schedule – no balances for my soon to be ‘bygone’ year, in fact been a very successful and happening year for me. Had my first anniversary, bought a new house, explored new ventures, gained new degree, made new friends, sheltered no regrets and patted myself a ‘N’ times : )) 
Yes, ignored my national awareness for a while in spate of exponentially incrementing the public awareness on FB but then - should have something to resolve in the New Year as well…so added that in the to-do for 2011.
Overall a fulfilling year for love too, though I have more and more to add to for the next year when I see my friends traveling and honeymoon-ing on FB:)  
I missed on an extra trip (I think!!), would have been rocking ‘if only’ I had another honeymoon this year :p
Well, looking forward to delete all the ‘if only’ in 2011 and fall in love all over again in the next year and in the coming 100 years of my life with him.

With all the happy things in mind, wishing a very happy New Year!!!

Signing off for 2010.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Deal…huh!!!

It is good to have experiences – good or bad, if nothing better they could possibly add to the scrapbook. After my hibernation got over and I intrepidly decided to step out of my comfy – ready for disappointments and appointments :) Yes, I was looking out for a change and valuation for my capabilities so far. On my trail, I experienced a number of things few to mention - the pain of facing the n+1 guys all ready to hammer and the challenge to find that there are so many like you:(
Anyways, almost all the experiences were same except for one, which gave me an ultimate frown till date. No, not that someone pointed my skills registries (I handled that unexpectedly!!) but the problem was in my personal registries, to be specific my marital status :)
When I fell in love and decided to marry, I never thought this could actually be an act of disappointment for some old soggy baldhead!!
I think this a new elimination bow in the dictionaries of HRs or just a trick to test the waters :) It was definitely the latter for me as I steered through the trap chuckling – for I am diplomatically defensive when it comes to my personal front. Questioning me for my marital status would have been as obvious for him as for me to ask him to mind his own business. What say…doubting a married woman for her dedication at work saves no space for a married man as well to resist his loving wife…and guarantee his attendance in office :)
 Dear Sir, You are requested to strike this contestation from your book of tricks as this no more holds for the new generation!  Moreover, it might invite the brickbats as an honor to your guts :)
Difficult to believe but I even had this suggestion of hiding my mangalsutra :)) Big dealllll…being married is neither a crime nor it makes me any less competitive… Ufff…how childish and desperate can one be??? Girls, this is India and we have all rights to everything here; be it a job, a house or a husband ;)
My experience is just a message for all the girls that this actually happens!! So, be ready to face it, whatever be the consequence don’t leave the room – Remember Democracy :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Terrible two’s & an extraordinary Sunday ☺

“Ever since I finished all the seasons of my most favorite Sex and the City, life has been an unrealized crave for more…
Never imagined would get to hear the “Once upon a time….” monologue once again with the most unexpected download of SATC 2. Sunday is one day which makes me totally unaware of how the day would turn out to be…one of the reasons being the forecasters are on leave too :) I am not so superstitious but the future gurus have gained an expertise now or might be ‘m too smart to find the threads :) So, since the predictors are enjoying their Sundays, I assume to have the privilege to position the stars as I wish them to be :-)
Anyways, on to my subject – Today was a usual start with my maid ringing the bell and waking me up to do some un-messing for a change.
I added a little twist to my Sunday with trick washing my new wrinkled kurta and waiting and voila! Got the movie download complete by then. In the happiness of watching it, I ended with a faster breakfast and morning tea as an excuse to wake him up. If I didn’t mention, I hate watching my favorite movie alone (not to miss, I am missing on the girlfriends from quite a long time now!) – So the onus is on my husband dear to bear this role of being my GF every weekend :)

I am half way through the movie now – this time on marriages, very unlike Carrie though! It is a pleasure to watch her release the new book on marriage and terrible two’s in this version and always a pleasure watching the girls fashioned incredibly; well, a different story line but much easier to relate, after all its on marriages this time.
How terrible or exceptional can it be – being two --- inter‘fun’tion --- at the end Fun is till there!
With running two errands for five days, disputing on two choices for everything we might be in the cult of terrible twos through out the week except when we couple up to kick our Sunday mornings with two cups of tea and two movies in line...Can't ask for more..sigh.. :)
No second opinions, it is the best deal for an extraordinary Sunday :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just an update on my tryst toward simplicity…

“We often come across discussions on leading simple life or the public hoardings preach, “Saada Jeevan Ucch Vichaar Hi Ho Hamare Jeevan Ka Aadhaar ….” Most of the generation Y folks won’t agree to the phrases and would call it an outdated idea. I too count myself in Generation Y and had the same opinion on simplicity some years back. I never considered myself simple because of my incorrect understanding about simplicity. I thought simplicity comes with fewer resources - when you can’t make it big, you do it simple..and you can’t make it big because you don’t have enough power.  What a hard-headed philosophy!
Simplicity is not about the lack of power or resources but the power of sustainability without starving for more power or resources. It would be a misconception, if I say it is easy to live simple – believe me Simplicity does come for a price!
Lately, we decided to buy a house because of the obvious pressure from our families. It took an hour for us to decide on the apartment and a minute to sign a cheque to the manager – but it gave us a generation learning on what an asset is and what it takes to have an “own” house!
My father sustained a family of five with mere ten thousand bucks and built a house in nine years.The house, he feels proud of and takes it as a certificate of achievement of his last 50 years.I bow to all the parents on the earth for setting up an example for the coming generations.
I would have lived my whole life in a rented accommodation without a slightest regret of not having an own house. But I would have missed on the experience of sustaining my next 15 years on half the income for a secured future – a step ahead to achieve a simple life. I feel wise to have invested the same way as my father did 20 years back.
Simplicity is the most hyped and craved adjective - the more we think it as outdated, farther we move from sustainability.
I feel inspired by simplicity and the experiences of it - just like I had this Saturday. I went to visit an acquaintance to my uncle in Delhi and a courier service for me in Hyderabad. I had to collect my education certificates which my uncle had handed over to him during an external audit at his bank. Now, this is a beautiful skill rarely found in today’s generation. The art of holding the arm when you extend a hand for a hello!  It has its own advantages – you gain an acquaintance, you add another non-native contact, you gain trust, you add to your learning of staying formal during such audits:p and also you save on the courier cost.
Anyways, I had a good experience yesterday - thanks to Mamaji :) I visited Mr. Nokkaraju, a retired Bank Manager; after various failed appointments this week. It was difficult to reach his place, despite the simple explanation of the route given by him (blame on us!). Mr. Nokkaraju was a man with simple and modest look. He was humble to an extent that made me feel guilty of calling him repeatedly for his address. Our plan to collect papers and not go upstairs to his flat was vain once we faced the old man. We clammed up by his relaxed look and obvious way to lead us upstairs. His wife, a beautiful lady in her fifties welcomed us inside as if she knew us from years. The house was big and we could feel the home by the earthen wares on the dining table. Mrs. Nokkaraju served us tea – flavored expertly with elaichi. Meanwhile, Mr. Nokkaraju started interviewing us on our job and income and our new home and future plans and……etc. At the end of the long interview we were well aware of his banking career, his daughter’s service and even his son-in-law’s income. He had a veteran career and a veteran life. I wondered if the proud ex-bank manager ever violated the rules of universe :). The only thing I could confidently conclude was that he was content with his unadventurous life with wife at home, no vehicle to risk his life, no complications of running to RTC offices and happily breathing-in all the services which the government could offer from the public buses to e-seva booths. He paid a heavy price of isolation though; to live the simple life but saved on his bus ticket by asking for an anticipated lift in our car. We listened to the old man’s experiences en route till his Nokia 1100 buzzed the nostalgic Nokia tone and he walked away thanking us for the lift.
The bank manager went inside an old government building and I was left pondering over a beautiful thought -
“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”
So true…so true…

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

20th page in the Diary of a woman.

                                                                              Secret corner in my house
                                                                                                June 29, 2010
“Hi Diary,
Congratulations! Today we have completed twenty years of sharing and bonding.
I don’t know your gender but I know you understand my feelings, just like a woman – the feelings, I am inking on since my childhood are safe in your heart. You hug the deepest and the intimate secrets to your soft and gentle breast just like my mother. It never happened that a bad thought stole my dreams...because I had you - to share my problems with just like my sister. I never miss deadlines or forget the important dates in my life because you are my backup - to calendar each moment I cherish, just like my girlfriend.

I am a woman now and senescent to understand my wants. You know, how significant are the rise of adolescence and the setting of teenage for a woman? That is one reason, I never forget birthdays. The stripling period is over for both of us as we have counted twenty today. I am not considering the initial seven years of my life as I don’t take them to be humanly. I was just like a dog then, getting trained to the ways of the world. But my seventh year brought me a sense of individuality and then I befriended you. I remember how close I was to ma and the first thing I shared with you was an essay on momma:) I loved the way she played with me, dressed me up, taught me, pampered me – I confess she is my best friend till date. I want that motherly care to be with me forever.
I was not so good at making friends in school, though the boys were smarter in this regard. It took me quite a long time to find a best friend. I was 12 then and very emotional for my relationship with Nidhi, my bestfriend. I never realized this till the day; my class teacher changed my seat:(
I wanted nothing except to sit with my best friend in the class.
My 13th birthday taught me another lesson, I didn’t know the onset of thirteen would turmoil my inner self. Experience of puberty is the most substantial period for a woman. This is the time, when you know there is something happening with you but you don’t know what! 
Ever since, I understood adolescence around my 18, I wanted to be respected for the pain I go through every month to be more feminine and ripening to bore a child.
I have seen myself pimpled and ugly. Though, I always wanted to be the princess on earth and …more beautiful than the girl next door. Yes! It was the first time I experienced ‘jealousy’ in my teens. I wanted to be the best in looks, studies, sports and everything that a girl can do.
The jealousy factor is the most dangerous attribute of a woman. It is born when we are girls and dies with our funeral. It is a fact that if there is a woman behind every successful man, there is jealousy behind every successful woman.  
Jealousy drives a woman to achieve her wants - good looks, striking boyfriend, successful relationship, amazing sex, loving husband, laddering career, healthy children and proud death.
The point to be noted is that I never craved for more money but more jealousy. More jealousy because I know it is the fuel for my satisfaction.
This is the most realized want and the most unrealized secret of mine and for that matter - of a woman. Despite the fact that woman’s wants are far above the stature and understanding of a manly head, we want the men to understand us. 
Phew!! Let it be! The world is anyways alive till now. It would be futile and not advisable to explore this deadliest secret for the well-being of the human race. 

Let the lady breathe her freedom and be the ‘Janani’ – creator of the world. Let us not poke her pride for our selfish reasons to understand what she wants!
After-all who wants the world to perish so soon (leave behind the Mayans!!) – hope you agree with me dear diary:)
So, moral of the story is – better not ask a woman what she wants and even if you go a step ahead and raise this question – remain the happiest person on earth by accepting the sweet “Nothing” and thus saving yourself from confronting the womanly wrath and discombobulating the rest of your masculine life:p
I shall be off now, have a long day and lots to do before I sleep.

Ciao soon,
A woman…
(Leaving a small memento for every woman )

p.s. The blog is an entry for this week’s contest called ‘What Women Want’, conducted by BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

‘Frittata-n-Omelette’ life

“Someone said that inspiration needs no ‘muhurat’; it can come from literally anywhere. There are thousands of things, if not million which could inspire us about some of the most incomprehensive aspects. Color, Shape, size and smell are the abstract terms but even they can derive a meaning out of our lives. For say, a sleek mobile can inspire me for a size-zero or a cleanly bound book can even change my way of living. Why not? Sounds weird but if we ponder on science of aromatherapy or color therapy it adds substantial support to the statement. There is range of perfumes in the market and they sell because we believe in power of scent. Similarly, though we understand the thermal physics behind black and white - we can’t help relating the colors to aggressiveness and peace. All the colors hold a meaning they give us the sensation when we see them. There are many examples like a red wrap can race heartbeats whereas; a pink coat can enhance the femininity. I have even read that eating in a purple plate could limit the appetite :P
So, if red could inspire us to love, feather could inspire us to fly, and music can inspire us to dance – moral is anything under the sky could inspire us even a fragile little egg.
Don’t blame me, but weekends inspire me to imagine and thus the analogy -
Egg could just be a breakfast relish for many, but if given a thought it is more than just a protein-bag. Unbroken egg indicates conservation and potential but on the other side it exhibits instability as well. Broken egg on ground indicates destruction and haphazardness but when poured on a hot skillet it is a different entity. I see life as a blend of frittata and Omelette. I would tell the difference between the two condiments. Frittata is an Italian Omelette which is fluffy-stuffy with vegetables and thus colorful. It is a vegelicious treat to the palate and the eyes too. Omelette on the other hand is nothing but a beaten or non-beaten egg; cooked on one or both the sides on a skillet – a well set and slim treat. Both Frittata and Omelette tells a saga on life. Frittata shows how colorful our life can be! It is a beautiful story when the reds and greens blend with each other showing love and prosperity nesting together, resulting in a self sufficient outcome. It doesn’t require a bread support unlike Omelette which is thin, crusty, touchy and light.  
But it is always Omelette for breakfast and Frittata for dinner and even I prefer that way.
Philosophy behind is that I get a good sleep when I am pampered and assured that I have reds and greens in my life just like Frittata.
 But mornings are meant to be fresh, thoughtless and light just like Omelette but the one ‘WITH SUNNY-SIDE UP’ for me :) 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday / NPL

( Pics are the publicity hoardings of the teams in Finals of Nesari premier League (NPL)- clicked in the village chowk of Nesari, Maharashtra)

“Need I say more on the impact of IPL and cricket being religion in India?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday / wordless love

( Oil Can housed to shelter the pigeons - Clicked at my in-laws’ place in a small village in Maharashtra, India)

Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can  be judged by the way its animals are treated”. 

Proud to be a citizen of the great Nation - Proud to be an Indian.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday / Gods & Goons

(Pic clicked on no special request on my trip to Kolhapur)

Wonder how God is reincarnated in India for daily wages!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I saw a peacock flying

“Ever since our gym membership expired and my husband decided on natural way of being fit i.e. ‘right food at right time’, I have been abstaining from food itself. I don’t remember when I hogged the last time. Simple philosophy – high inflow and no outflow could inflate and ultimately burst the pipe especially when you are a ‘made in Punjab’ product. Continuous gentle marketing reminders from our gym on renewal of membership pumped me at times but our decision of pouring bucks in a piggy bank than siphoning out on hi-fi gym pulled me back. I knew that for my working hours and lifestyle the philosophy doesn’t fit in and I was left with no option but to diet hard to escape the belly popping out of tinee-tiny tees.
After a week, when I was still on a low fat diet – my better half couldn’t resist rice in dinner as he ate in the office (thanks to his philosophy) and the fact that rice makes the main and base course of Andhra messes. In the fear of gaining waist, I spent my weekends exploring possible options of blubber shedding like swimming, yoga, aerobics, dance classes etc. We went to various spots near to our place just to find an amazing walkway for morning walkers one day. It was an instant happiness for me to have explored the place which was green, specifically a walk-way and free-free-free :)
But a bigger challenge ahead was waking up early in the morning. The habit of gymming kills the ability of waking up early to work out and especially in the city like Hyderabad we don’t race with time but the sun.Everyday morning when I peep out of the window even at 6.30, I see the sun smilingly wishing me “Good Morning! You are second again” and I sadly go back to bed :(
It happened for a week even after the place was explored and adding to it my second shift made me even more helpless. But lately I realized, what was missing was the inspiration to wake up not the hapless working hours. I found my inspiration yesterday and finally made it before 6 in the morning.
(I would rather not reveal the inspiration now)
Anyways, the place was a natural treadmill with sandpits, inclines and stairways in a distance of 2.5 kilometers. I really appreciate the initiative of Hyderabad Municipality to open up an all-terrain walkway with a noble aim to shed those extra kilos off - the biryani belly. Though reaching the place and finding a parking 5 Kms away from our place was a tough competition with Sun but I won this time :)
I know the craving for chicken biryani is a gluttonous and sinful inspiration but it did favor to my eyes with a rare sight. I saw a peacock flying high across the road; it was then that I found that the walkway is adjacent to a national park. I have celebrated almost four years in the city and how illiterate of me, not to have explored this place earlier. Anyways, my new inspiration came from the flying peacock. I never saw a peacock flying so high, I know it sounds stupid but peacocks might be aware that though they look beautiful on ground – they are a scary sight in air, that is the reason they fly so rarely. I was appalled to see a big creature flying in air when I realized it was a peacock. I always thought peacocks are the most beautiful creatures – but today I got a lesson that beautiful things can be scarier too at times. To fit in the lesson – I have to be beautiful and not scary on the ground at the first place, flying high scares me anyways :) Factually, Beauty doesn’t come for free – not necessarily money but it requires a lot of investment in terms of will power and SWEAT.  I am ready with my laces tied up for a new fitness regime of sweating out a very natural way.

Good Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pain of facing the Managitionary

Head bogging for nine hours daily on the uncreative and unvarnished stuff never reminds of the lack of creativity except for when the appraisal bell rings in the mid year. Many of us would have goose hairs by even the thought of appraisal discussions especially when you are aware how inexorable your manager is!
Whatever, I am not going into the much manifested part of the appraisals and performance evaluation but the comic yet peculiar side of the two hours spent blithering, all the insatiable words of your life. Unbelievable - but I find it the most creative and printable part of the year. It is an opportunity to add on yours as well your manager’s dictionary with anagram-med yet natal and brow-raising terms :P

I happened to have my discussion yesterday which was quite predictable but interesting as I could spot the intelligent vocabulary from my appraisal form, being brutally raped by my non-grammarian manager. I am a person who loves to explore and enhance my vocabulary but hardly get a chance to be an exhibitionist at my workplace. I had penned my work in the wittiest and ornamented way I could, for the reason that it would be a maiden over for my managers as most of it would bowl over their heads :)
With such a presentation – you can easily win a crown of Miss. /Mr. Best Communication skills for obvious reasons that we tend to appreciate things that are difficult for us to understand. I am happy that I added to my manager’s plain book but I am even proud to explore the variations of the terms used year over year in such annual appraisal discussions. I swear- it would have been a task for the managers to list down the words to be used with the employees and then confuse with the examples to explain what they mean. I shall give an instance on same lines – Say,
If in the last year's appraisal you were aimed at with paintball words like ‘Proactive’ , ‘Consultant’, ‘initiatives’ et al , this year you will not hear those words again- ideally. But, if you have to - your serious bad luck. You should get a hint the appraisal would be the same this year too. The assessor found no new words and the blame is on you-you and you – suffer now with the monotonous, uncreative and tortured lecture (would not call it discussion as you just have to contribute by saying ‘agreed’ at the end of it). Poor Managers couldn’t use their jargon - take the onus…phew!

The basic definitions of the ratings makes the introduction of the discussions even if you say you are aware – you can’t escape it because it forms 40% of the word bank for the assessor, so sympathize with them and accept an assumed self-obligation for wasting your time. ‘Expectation’ forms the conclusion of the discussion – means as a next step if you were staying in office for say 9 to 10 hours – now it is the right time to invest in an ultra light Korean polyester camping tent to set up a second home at your work station. Apart from the confusions among the terms ‘proactive’, ‘initiatives’ and ‘mentoring’ – the new words which found the place in the top list this year are ‘alert’ and ‘next level’.
The words are tricky and dangerous as there is a very thin line between being ‘alert’ and being ‘proactive’. I am not aware if some sensor is being launched to have a transition but the point is - words should not be repeated next year. ‘Next Level’ is a newbie you can take in any way you want - as it can be used in many ways from the other side. Mind it the word ‘promotion’ is outdated now- it is replaced by the newbie. It could be tricky too as what you interpret might have a hundred variations in your manager’s book.  
Well, this is the trend for current year – the ‘lessons learnt’ is:  it is important to spent appreciable time with your colleagues cum victims to mock at the discussions in a way to understand the difference and the variations of the terms used in the current year. Even though if you try and fail – there is another way out which is to use synonyms and new words in your appraisal form to help the managers grab some. I assure it would ultimately save your soul this time but shoot up a weird ‘expectation’ for the next year.  Ultimately these annual discussion ends up with a new expectation each time but a greater challenge to explore and update the ‘Managitionary’.  
All the best guys! Happy Reading!

Friday, April 23, 2010

“Happily Married?” - Version 02

I don’t understand, how can people comment on something- they don’t have a grain of clue about? Surfing on net, skimming through some non-fiction books and importantly considering the regular cribs of folks around; will never-ever make you knowledgeable enough to twitter on a subject. You really need to be in the system to comment on the system otherwise it would just be like a dissipated airwave…shush! Shush! Shush!

There was an article by Karan Johar in the colored supplement of times – ‘Happily Married?’ (www.itimes.com/public/karanjohar/blog/Happily-Married).I shall not blame Mr. Editor for granting him a column on page 3 for his unanalyzed personal opinions under the block ‘Karan Affairs’. Shobha De and Pritish Nandy are others who get this privilege on weekdays. But I personally like their blogs for they are quite pragmatic, social and the subject is justified to be written about.I don’t follow any of them but would prefer following Pritish Nandy. I love all of them for their writing styles but I felt the need to drop Karan Johar for his not-so-trustworthy post this time. Shobha De would need to scribble more subjectively for the print media (newspaper) to gain the trust - so far I find her quite saucy in her writings.

Talking of the latest Karan blog: ‘Happily married?’ – I can’t convince myself even on the single sign he mentions about the cracking marriage. Let me justify what I feel, for the reason I am in better position than Karan Johar on this because I am Atleast married. Though, he has put a disclaimer on his non-marital status and it is modest but not reasonable enough to justify why he still continued writing on the subject. He claims to be keenly observant and quite instinctive – I am sorry Karan Johar but the subject is just too out of scope for your observation and you would never know the truth about-what happens between the two individuals in a spousal relationship, when they are not in gym or attending parties. I doubt if you have a married couple in your circle, who is sassy enough to confide in you about their wedlock details :-/

Disclaimer: I have no grudges with Karan Johar. I love his language and writing style. Just as a checkpoint that his blog doesn’t send out a pessimistic message to the spouses across the globe, I am publishing my piece as ‘Happily married?’ Version 2.

There are hundreds of relationship tests on net and magazines. But the point is, don’t take them seriously as they are all defend-able if you realize to be on the murkier side.I shall consider 10 signs (same as advised to be dangerous by Karan Johar) which doesn’t prove that your marriage is cracking-

First: If your husband owns both I-phone and Blackberry for no reason but liking and carries them everywhere including the bathroom. Probe!

The fact is that most of the guys are gadget freak; they love having not two but many freaky widgets around their necks. But playing mafia in the toilet doesn’t mean they are cheating on you but I am sure if any of the female population follows the obvious advice; the husband would prefer marrying a new gizmo than hanging the suspicious gimmick (you) for the life time.

Second: As the evening plan, your guy plans a movie instead of candlelight and be thankful to the IPL season. The reason could be that he is avoiding talking to you. Probe!

Again the fact that guys love watching IPL and Gladiator is globally accepted. An action flick or the IPL season would be a trivial reason to conclude on the future of a relationship. Yes, if you can’t give him company then that is not his fault. You can keep cribbing about cricket or action flicks for rest of your life- God forbid you!

Third: Your girl becomes extra conscious about her figure and be regular to gym. Her efforts might not be for you but someone else. Probe!

I am not aware of a man on earth who doesn’t like to see his girl in shape? So, please don’t publish an advice which could lead to crashing of gym business in India.

Fourth: You both plan girl’s/boy’s night out frequently in an attempt to have drinks with friends and crib about each other. This could be escapism from sharing in marriage. Probe!

Before people started writing on sharing and marriage stuff; there was a search rage on the topics like friends and marriage or tips on sustaining friends after marriage. The reason being friends are the first thing you miss after you get married, so if you understand the need, it should be a pleasure seeing your spouse freaking out with buddies rather than analyzing the reasons of his/her doing that.

Fifth: God save me! This is the stupidest of all – if your husband is having frequent business trips on Fridays. Probe:)

Shucks! Karan, please come on the public lanes and know what the common man is facing. I have met folks who work in opposite shifts to survive the city inflation. They hardly meet on weekdays and still call it a happy family. No doubt! It is a happy family- being happy is not about staging your spouse till you find him clear - but understanding the small crunches and still calling it a trustworthy happy relationship. So, please strike off the point else India would be next America-in-making with maximum number of divorces registered.

Sixth: Planning a vacation is a chore and you fight on when-where-how-how long. It seems to be not a vacation but a signed trip as both you doesn’t like to go out together. Probe!

If someone has ever planned a trip with a female friend would never raise this concern? Ask a couple what happened next – when they boarded the plane for the ‘signed trip’ and you would understand it was not a chore but a significant effort to plan the best.

Seventh: Your girl is seen crashing in every party in the city. She might be trying to shun her pains in a lush way. Probe!

Now with this advice you have taken all rights of woman to freak out and enjoy drinks. Drinking is not always about hiding the pain but celebrations too.

Eighth: Your girl starts confiding in her mother and speaks for hours with her. As mothers should be a last person to be aware of your marital affairs, Probe!

Grrrrr…I feel like blasting on this one. Now you want to restrict on my talking to mom as well. I won’t take that from a person who cries to be with his mom on all the award functions. Please ask for an opinion from your mother on this. And I don’t know who said that mothers are the last one to know of marital affairs?

Ninth: Birthday parties prove to be a curtain raiser for what you can’t see. You try avoiding each other in public. You don’t talk and hide from each other and get in the gossip lists. Probe!

Not talking on birthday parties and getting counted on the gossip list of the guests is no sign of crashing marriage. It is an individual’s personality-some could kiss in public, others prefer it behind the doors.

Tenth: You have nothing to share or talk about. The gap increases not only on communications front but in bedroom as well. Probe!

You have pasted all the reasons possible and evident of a broken marriage. Still defendable, a city housewife will not have much to talk about but Ekta Kapoor’s soaps and if she understands her husband’s taste and mood; she will not blither after her husband comes home after a long day at work. If it is about a working wife- it is understood and preferred not to talk more but save some energies for the intimate moments :)

So, the bottom-line is that I am a working wife and very happily married. I neither agree with Karan Johar’s opinions nor would I advice the spouses to count on his advices. My message for the spouses is –“Please work to dress your marriage for keep and not undress it by playing a bare-all test game.”

Friday, April 16, 2010

Julie & Julia

Lately I have come across the scenario of quitting job for writing. I understand there are many aspirant writers. But the point is, what is ‘that’ which makes them one?
Passion, laziness, easy money, unemployment, boring life, frustrations, pocket money or just like that? I am referring to the folks who are siphoning a requisite amount every month and are in to a 9 to 5 toil. I am one amongst the crowd the only difference being that I realize the fact that my non-passion offers me far more than what my passion could earn me. It would actually be a riskier investment because there are not many known writers- not counting on the unknowns as it would take a life to dig and add.

I am not denying; the passion for writing is incorrigibly pure and deep. A successful deliverable to my client is a pleasure for me but a mere duty. But a successful delivery of my thoughts on paper is far more satisfying than the former. It is at times, nourishing to an extent that I start considering the 2 hours of writing to be the most fruitful effort in timesheet over the 9 hours of servility in the air conditioned cabin.
‘I am’ anytime my most important client :)
My message is for all those pink pajamas like me who are ready to dump their creased trousers for their passion- Think again! Life is not too rosy as we think it is.
But there is a middle way which is riskier but not more than the option of quitting the job.
The idea is to resume the passion along with the servile necessity. The bet would be on the personal life, love and relationships. As a fact, true love never goes unpaid it will stay to support till the last moment irrespective of whether you win or lose.

I am pursuing my passion every day and night with my love by my side constantly supporting me in whatever I do. There are hiccups many a times because of multiple deadlines and I run short of my personal clock. But, since I have my love still there waking up whole night to keep me awake to stand on my commitments; it is a cake walk :)
Just like my life and many others, there is a movie on the same plot called “Julie & Julia”.
On one side is Julia of yesteryear who spent more than half of the age in nurturing family and then took up passion in the last few years. On the other side is Julie of today who balances family, work and passion betting on every important aspect of a woman’s life. Both have a supporting partner by their side but Julie is more aware and a bohemian in everything she does.
Girls! We need to dress up in Julie’s wardrobe and achieve everything we deserve out of our passions-nurturing our family and dreams hand on hand. I really recommend all the ‘to-be Julies’ to watch the flick to let the hidden passions fly.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hyderabad-Indiblogger Meet 2010 – The first hand account!

Finally the most exciting event in Hyderabad city came to an end- an hour ago(FYI : I am writing at 7:00 pm IST).I have just landed at my place and thought it is the right time to report as the memory is very much fresh now. In three words, “It was Fun”, do I need to write more?:)

First of all, Thanks Indiblogger team for conducting this one!

The event started at around 2.45 pm after the attendance was appreciable to begin with. The first thing we saw after entering the hall was warm and welcoming Indiblogger team in black tees. That is the attribute of a good host…kudos!

We registered ourselves and took our seats. I could see many familiar faces from Indiblogger portal like Renie, Anwin, Anoop, Balaganesh et al running around the hall to get the things in place. The set up was perfect to make the whole event interactive and fun-filled. The projector screen showed the attendees status and continuous twittering from the fellow bloggers. The event triggered with the introduction of the Indiblogger team from across the map. Not to miss the burqa guy running out part and the small petty teasing added a spice to the meet making it a perfectly garnished attempt!

Univercell guys stood at the back of the hall were indicative of a good monetary backing for the meet—food was of course a bigger indication though :)

It was surprising to find the varied blogging crowd in Hyderabad. There were hairy to grey-hair to no hair bloggers across the hall (this was one of the twitter during the 30 sec of fame session too!).The hall was for once full of grey matter unaware of the big things happening outside the venue. Scratch the back-live and let comment part was fun too- I was reading my sheet and remembering the faces who scribbled and I have bookmarked the blogspaces already!

I won’t write about the snacking part—that’s personal I would not like to count on the contribution to your checks. After we were stuffed with food it was very clever to have Riyaz waking up the crowds with the weird quizzing session. To confess, I didn’t know the answer to even one question or should I say, I didn’t understand any :(

After realizing that people around were 100 miles more updated than me—it was a limelight part. Renie decided to have a group pic kind of thing. It was 10 mins and the full picture was on the camera rolls. I bet the most memorable one!

I missed out a small but important detail-apart from the open forum and Univercell-official blogger event- there was a presentation on blogs for charity (contributed by ad4good guys) and a discussion on setting up an official Hyderabad Indiblogger group to make it a standalone fun from next time. The news can be caught soon on Indiblogger forums.

Lastly, the most awaiting part (after snacking though!) of collecting our tees happened and we left the place stuffed and dressed :)

I hope I don’t sound too selfish but Thanks team for giving us ‘Roti, kapda aur Makaan’ for 3 hours in the scorching heat of Hyderabad!

Cheers :)