Friday, April 16, 2010

Julie & Julia

Lately I have come across the scenario of quitting job for writing. I understand there are many aspirant writers. But the point is, what is ‘that’ which makes them one?
Passion, laziness, easy money, unemployment, boring life, frustrations, pocket money or just like that? I am referring to the folks who are siphoning a requisite amount every month and are in to a 9 to 5 toil. I am one amongst the crowd the only difference being that I realize the fact that my non-passion offers me far more than what my passion could earn me. It would actually be a riskier investment because there are not many known writers- not counting on the unknowns as it would take a life to dig and add.

I am not denying; the passion for writing is incorrigibly pure and deep. A successful deliverable to my client is a pleasure for me but a mere duty. But a successful delivery of my thoughts on paper is far more satisfying than the former. It is at times, nourishing to an extent that I start considering the 2 hours of writing to be the most fruitful effort in timesheet over the 9 hours of servility in the air conditioned cabin.
‘I am’ anytime my most important client :)
My message is for all those pink pajamas like me who are ready to dump their creased trousers for their passion- Think again! Life is not too rosy as we think it is.
But there is a middle way which is riskier but not more than the option of quitting the job.
The idea is to resume the passion along with the servile necessity. The bet would be on the personal life, love and relationships. As a fact, true love never goes unpaid it will stay to support till the last moment irrespective of whether you win or lose.

I am pursuing my passion every day and night with my love by my side constantly supporting me in whatever I do. There are hiccups many a times because of multiple deadlines and I run short of my personal clock. But, since I have my love still there waking up whole night to keep me awake to stand on my commitments; it is a cake walk :)
Just like my life and many others, there is a movie on the same plot called “Julie & Julia”.
On one side is Julia of yesteryear who spent more than half of the age in nurturing family and then took up passion in the last few years. On the other side is Julie of today who balances family, work and passion betting on every important aspect of a woman’s life. Both have a supporting partner by their side but Julie is more aware and a bohemian in everything she does.
Girls! We need to dress up in Julie’s wardrobe and achieve everything we deserve out of our passions-nurturing our family and dreams hand on hand. I really recommend all the ‘to-be Julies’ to watch the flick to let the hidden passions fly.


  1. I write to be with myself sometimes.

  2. What I have learnt in 49 years of existence is to keep doing what you like and can do, things that are meant for you keep happening. Infact every choice every second you make, decides what you get.

    So live and be true...make a choice, that hits as a right, at a given moment...future takes care of itself

    if you make a not-so-right choice, have the courage to correct it...
    and if uncorrectable, have the courage to live with it!! philosophy!

  3. True!! we need to balance everything in our life...One cannot give it all just to run after their passion.
    Let it run side by side and you may never know one day your passion will leave behind everything which is running parallel to it ...with best wishes as always

  4. You know...its so lovely and refreshing to read that someone irrespective of "the issues" is still happy to pursue her writing career...her passion. Kudos to you girl!
    You have a great support system..and that the best way to take a chance on the one passion of your life.
    By the way, youre an awesome writer. Just by reading your words here today...i can just feel your passion.
    One day very soon, we will be standing in cues to taek your autograph on your very own book :)
    Go follow your dreams...bliss is just round the corner.
    Much love,

  5. p.s. i saw julie and julia a while back and loved it so so much. Appeals to us bloggers hmm...:)

  6. You've inspired me to continue doing all the thing I do without giving up on anyone of them...

    great post

  7. hmm. its important to be passionate about whatever one pursues. but that's not enough. in the end, the only thing that gets you through is belief!


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