Saturday, December 5, 2009

How Indian is the business of ass-kissing??

“This is the question about the most followed ancient trends in the service industry, sycophancy. I can guess that the trend of bootlick would have originated from the time of kings and emperors. When the poetic dedications in praise of the kings gave monetary and status benefits.

No longer has this been realized, the golden rule is written in the books of easy success, “Fawn the boss”.

My analysis would say that the F trick is not of Indian origin but inspired from the west again. Unlike in the west, because of certain cultural constraints in our country we have slightly modified the F trick.

Otherwise, Fuck and Fawn are quite similar in their final outcomes with just the different flowcharts.

I had planned an observation week to track down the rules to grab the boss’ flick and in a way defining the Indian ‘F’ trick-

First rule; never try to show smart in front of your boss. Remember you are a dumb-ass and will always be, when he is around.

Second rule; since you have now accepted you are an ass, act like one. Ask the boss for every stupid hitch in the work I know you might be capable of sorting the issue but forget as this violates the rules.

Third rule; the only way to gain credit is giving it all. Praise your boss for everything, even for the things you did. If he is modest, he will give you yours back.

Fourth rule; never ever show your thunder on his face. The glitches are better in the deepest chest; never let them out for your own good.

Last rule, all the rules above follow the “*conditions apply” clause. If your boss is a type ‘A’ who expects and rewards sycophancy, give him to the brim till you are servile but make sure that you kick his ass before breaking the cage. On the other hand, a type ‘B’ boss is worth a hundred job switches; never leave him without sharing a toast.

I understand Indian algorithm to F trick is quite time consuming and dangerous but it promises the returns for a longer period, infact till the management changes :)

Whereas, the western trick is a repetitive effort for bigger gains in smaller time frames.

Wherever you go or whatever you do, when there is a top, there will always be an easier ladder to climb up. Though I am not so expert at the toady way of getting the things done, but definitely patient enough to wait for the ladder to break off the summit.

Oops! I can hear the twang in the ladder; I think the ladder is also fed up of the overcrowded steps.

The crowd is a step ahead, but I am happy, disparaging, climbing and still twinging my rope, proudly portraying the original Indian values and with no F tricks written on the good books yet…

Half way to go Girl!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just an Update.

This is my final day in Lonavala for the marriage of my husband’s college buddy. It wasn’t an apple pie to get there but had to travel for the full day. We hooked in the bus from Hyderabad to Pune and thereafter a local to Lonavala.
The marriage was grand as expected, but some how the weather at Lonavala didn’t turn out to be as imagined. There was nothing wintry about the place as I surfed on relatives and web.
Despite the disappointment from the weather, we enjoyed and captured our stay in the amenable resort.
There were friends pitching in hotel-chatrooms, night-long mimickery, old day’s discussions, professors, hotties, dudes, air hockey sessions and everything else on our mongering list.
Not only that I got to explore my husband’s cranky college crushes, but the two days was more of nostalgia, memories and FOOD: D
Marwari shaadis is only about hospitality and Khaan-paan. We were stuffed with loads of sweets and delicacies every time we grabbed the chairs in the pandaal.
I am feeling after the last meal at Lonavala that I had enough to make myself jog for another 3-4 days.
With a very heavy heart of not willing to leave the place, my bags are packed and laces tied, the good time has come to an end.
We are starting for our pavilion with an increased baggage of memories and new friends.
Ah…I can’t end the trip without Lonavala Chikkis and ofcourse Wada Pav. Got to carry some back to Hyderabad.
In rush now,
Cya ,

Take Care

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bad day and new neighbours!

Lately, while reading the cover story on bipolar personality in some health supplement of a magazine, I realised that I am caught in the symptoms of the disease, which I mistook from long as mood swings.
The idea of becoming a bipolar patient on the full proved basis, made me even sickie.I didn't accept the fact till, my husband read the article and mocked at my weekly depression problem to be actually a beginning of bipolar disorder.
Late in the noon, when I was busy in kitchen, there was a  knock at the door.I generally don't entertain knocks to the door bell. I take that as the sign of some service guy at door, because no nonsense guy would ever go for the stairs just for the reason he doesn't know how to operate the lift!
I yelled to confirm who was at the door for the reason that the eyepiece was too high for me to check and my shorts were not too impressive to be exhibited.
When nobody answered, I peeked out from the half opened door to see a girl, supposedly my new neighbor who wanted to know, if there was a power cut.
Then I realized that actually it wasn't her non-sense that made her to knock but the power cut.
After the inquiry was shut, I found my husband all ready to complain about my yelling..pheww not another lecture please..not at all in the mood.I will take care..
He is intelligent to sense the temperature , so he kept to himself.

Late night, when we were in the mid of scrabble session, the thumping outside my door alarmed me.
On checking, we found a big family shifting at in the adjacent flat 'This neighborhood is confusing..'
We couldn't sleep for another 2 hours because of the shifting sounds.
For some 4-5 days I could hear kids, aunty, uncle which was a different feel as I have been living here for 2 years with not even an echo from neighborhood.
"It is good...the floor is no more haunted", I said.
"yeah..we should talk to them ..", my sociable husband said.

He didn't miss a chance till today morning to peak in and find what is in the neighborhood.
It is always fun to know about others private lives esp. when it is your neighborhood. Following the rule, I am supposed to know my neighbor more than they do :)

But today afternoon, I heard the same thumping again, ignoring  to be coming from the road. I continued to do my chores.
It was when I went out to take my dustbin in, I saw a whole lot of guys from movers and packers standing out. "Oops! Another shift....but where is my dustbin?"
,Oh my God! those shitty guys had gulped my dustbin under their cartons. I had my bipolar evil coming out till I noticed my third new neighbour with his grandson stood smiling at me.
what a cost of making good neighbors! I have no worries but difficult to cope with my bipolar disorder over multipolar neighborhood.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Who sells Who?

“Is this about advertising and endorsements??”
“Might be!” I replied.
I continued, “I had a dream. I was in an extempore among executives in a business school…and I struck a concept to be discussed...”.
“Baap re…bata kya dekha”, he mocked.

I bounced back some 5 hours back in the dream sequence.

“Hello Ladies and Gentlemen…my concept is coined ‘Who sells who?’ ”.
Suddenly, there was a Huss-fuss in the hall.
“What is it about Mrs.Bhatia? Can you specify the category please?”
“Sorry Sir I didn’t decide the category for the concept, it is just an observation and some physics…I tried applying a Newton’s first law between marketing and HR”. how???
“Sounds innovative please go ahead”
“My speculation is the value which an individual adds to the service is directly proportional to the value, he adds to himself…Say for instance, a proficient sales man Rocket Singh at an Auto show impresses a group of individuals by promoting his small scale 2-wheeler and at the end he is offered to join a 4-wheeler multinational. In this case, what will you say?
Did Rocket Singh sell a scooter or did the scooter sell Rocket Singh?
It is vice versa, his proficiency sold scooters and his scooters were the justification of his proficiency which sells him to a larger net. Someone’s marketing boost is other’s HR advent.
Another instance being Phuket Singh who delivers a service to his client and he presents the work as a justification to his proficiency to a third party.
There is a thin line between both the instances. Both provide service, one works at Marketing level and other one at Operations.
Visibility for Rocket is more because of obvious reasons being profile and level.
Rocket Singh does not need to justify his work to a third party and he can even sell a bad service to the customer.
On the other hand, Phuket Singh has to justify his contribution and service and he is not in the position to deliver a bad service…”'

It was no sooner that the long discussion struck between me and my husband. He is a MBA and ever ready to discuss on esp. topics like these.
“See, I am not a MBA, neither do I have a management hands-on, reading a few books and daily observations might have shaped my dream. I am not attempting a thesis, it is just a view dear”, I said.
“ is good you thought…”

It would have gone long but suddenly, there was a knock at my door…my maid was there to provide her services.
I was upfront thinking about retaining my resource and shunning any chance of third party grabbing my proficient and optimized paid maid :))

Saturday, October 10, 2009

7 days of hell and ‘m alive on my proteins again.

I believe in a glamorous lifestyle and really tried hard to incur one.

That’s absolutely for no reason and justification to my family for why ‘m I killing my immunity day after day. I was around 34” in waist before I joined my college. That was all the love and nurture my mom and granny bestowed on their lado.I am a Punjabi girl, there is a typical weird problem in our families that they stuff their kids to the extent they are ready to obtain a new merchandise from VLCC after around 16 years of hoggy investment. If you draw stats for obese percentages on type of families, Punjabis would definitely top the list.

I remember the embarrassing day, when I went shopping for my first day of college and couldn’t find a costume which could fit my size. Later, addressed as aunty on the first day of college by some rowdy group of ragging seniors. It was hellllll!!!

That was a day and after 26 months, when I was flattered to date on most weekends.

This time it was my hostel mess which won the crown. The package wasn’t for free, I had a serious immunity attack for my unhealthy slimming down.

I went on; it took a good 3 months for me to gain a 2” in waist after almost 1 year of engagement with my BF. On his continuous disbelief on the girl, he proposed was 2” slimmer got above head and I fell to dieting again. I didn’t want to lose a tentative husband for good food. If you ladies don’t believe me, you will be at loss; your weight is inversely proportional to the speed of the dating vehicle. And no guy would like to have a low mileage bike except it is designed so like Enfield.

I lost a good 6 kilos in 2 weeks before my marriage. I was on my custom diet plan of flax seeds and green tea to carry my day, followed by loads of salads. I cut down on rice and chapattis totally. Family as usual started to point on my diet which I would never understand. They want the stats which are impossible, 28” would be too thin and 29” would be too fat to stand. But why listen to others when it is your body??

Recently, my husband and I fell to the pangs of viral. It was hell each day, as if some bad omen fell on my happy family. Both of us bed ridden, checking each other’s temperatures every now and then. We lived on milk and apples. He took 4 days to recover and I am still recovering. Everyone blamed me for the viral as if I air bourned the virus of my dieting. I am tired to explain that it is not the salads which caused the viral, but it definitely didn’t help recover soon. In verge of having a good physique, I lost on the stamina. I had a 6 minutes backup. This backup made me capable of making tea and lemon-honey daily. After constant stuffing by Aayi from last few days, the backup has improved considerably to sit in office for 7 hours. I black out after debugging the code for 20 mins continuously.

I am on my way to be fit but I didn’t give up on my protein diet, as I understand not to blame my diet for viruses. But, I understood that this viral thing is hell—God forbid you from viral. Smaller the microbe and it can suck you out of energy and confidence.

But hell which I faced on my first day of college was anytime much painful and non forgetful than the 7 day viral I faced now.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And I blushed...

Ever since, I came into the interactive mode, I am known for my ‘bindass’ style of living. ‘Bindass’ in terms of my college-mates was being tom-boyish and carefree. I never cared for how I look or how I can impress a guy. Subsequently, when I entered the corporate world, this tom boyish attitude transitioned to a feminist cave. Next, when I fell for my husband, the feminist fire became very airy-fairy. We mostly discussed everything on earth with no insecurities, suspicions or hesitations. A very thin but strong wall of faith and frankness stood. One day, I found I never blushed when I was with him; rather he had so many times. When I discussed this aspect of my nature with him, he was as normal to confess that he is already aware of it.

I wrote a Rule in my diary with little doubt in my heart though: “
I can’t blush”…hmmmm
Is it!!! guys like blushing girlfriends???

Ever since, whenever he looks at me I start thinking...”
Do I need to blush...Oops! I am dumb...stone hearted completely...unromantic collegiate huh

Whatever, I am married now (shameless still!) and we are having a good life…which means I am happily married :)
I have stopped catching my blush-y instances.

Today, we were off for a Royal Enfield treat in cakes n amore that it just came out during casual talk. I was pointing to my husband on being an atheist as he was having a chicken calzone despite of my telling him about Navratras. Anyways, it wasn’t that he was doing it for the first time; he had made up fake religious stories during Ganapati just for having an omlette.

As for my habit of blustering, I continued and told about his being so shameless that on his engagement, he barged into my hotel room to get groomed for the evening.
It was that sentence...and I smiled. I was kind of blushing, thinking about my engagement day...…


After many communications between our parents, we settled on Belgaum to be the ideal venue for our marriage, as it was convenient for our guests to land in Belgaum than in Kolhapur.
We were staying in a hotel with all our guests and the baraat was traveling from his place which was around 40 kms from the venue.

My Father-in-Law is a principal and as expected very disciplined and punctual. He had instructed both of us not to meet or step out before the engagement. Though, I took the advantage of the distance and had a trip in Belgaum in search of beauty parlors. It was around 15 days that we had not seen each other.

On the engagement day, I was already an hour late for the beautician’s appointment and was rushing to leave for the beauty parlor.
I stepped out of my room with my paraphernalia that I saw a big crowd of my relatives rushing out for lunch in the restaurant downstairs. And suddenly I saw him…taking the advantage of the mob gushing towards my room…and mom encountered him...he bent down to do a learnt exercise of pairi-pawna and moved on..he rushed in our hotel room and got the room vacated to get ready..
The whole thing happened but saved to get attention because of the hunger pangs. After a minute, someone realized that he was the groom. But what is he doing here...he was supposed to be with his family at the venue.
Without wasting a second, I rushed out to save myself of the looks my Tayiji and Nani would give …I don’t know, what they thought..but I heard my Tayiji murmering..’
yeh yahan kya kar raha hai…yeh aaj kal ke munde..kudiyaan..raha nahi gaya hoga..dekhne aa gaya ..” ;)
And before I could derive something my cell phone tinkled...”
1 message received” -- was missing looked beautiful..:) love, Pravin”. I blushed and couldn’t hide my smile even infront of my beautician..who was desperately waiting for me..leaving her a challenge of grooming me in 20 mins :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

What should I do...Grrrrrrrrrr?

I had a wonderful life. Waking up on door bell’s discretion, starting the day with my fav daily soap, surfing, blogging, chatting, mongering, eating, experimenting...But lately something happened and it sucks to have this wonderful life!

It started with a call from Jo (my best GF) that they were planning to meet our old training friends as some of them were moving out of Hyderabad for greener pastures.

I was pretty excited about the idea except for the thing the meeting was planned on Sunday..WEEKEND. Weekends usually leave me in fix and I hate deciding between my spending time with husband and friends.

So, I set up a rule, that I will spend one day with him and could spare the other with friends. The day was going well, till he got a call from his friends and he went for his session which they address as “Baithte hain aaj phir?”

I spent around two hours watching television, one hour surfing and rest two hours chatting. I was totally bugged of TPing and was swooped in my vodka glasses when he entered. And as an expected reaction of his, I was an object to be pitied. Obviously, lone drinkers are to be pitied (that’s what he used to tell me, when I bragged him for not visiting his buddies every weekend!). [I bounced back]

The trauma of the last night was reflective in the next day too.

Sunday, I completed my wifely vows of cooking and cleaning and left for the reunion with old mates. It was raining heavily, but since I was determined to go, not because I was dying to; but my devilish thoughts overpowered my senses and I stood on taking a revenge on my husband.

I caught an auto and reached the old lanes of Sindhi colony. I used to stay there when I was a newbie in the city. I really want to cut down the days and memories spent there. As I find them the most lonely and wasteful. Anyways,

I reached the friends place, was welcomed on a note which was much chillier for Jo than for me. As one of the guys was working with her earlier, so it was an obvious excitement. But somehow, it got freaky and obsessive, actually can’t blame him, it really depends on how expressive you are!

But, the point is I still felt the pinch of hesitation from them, might be because of my marital status. Burrrrrrrrrr…I really had something which was boxing me hard inside to say something. But in vain, the conversation and obsessive-ness was on and on and on. Hats off to JO! She really amazes me sometimes by her capability of handling freakiness so easily. She finishes her sentence and it goes in my mind “---With Love, Jo”. She is too sweet to be ignored actually. They discussed technology, work, friends, CAT, MAT, GMAT ete etc etc…burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And I discussed “ “.

I had nothing to discuss frankly. [Grrrrrrr why me!! ]

During the course, I had my husband hovering at the back of my mind. I realized that I have become over possessive and docile about my marriage. I feel nauseated, if there is any incongruity between us.

Till I accepted the fact that I am a difficult nut now, no words will fruit out from my useless mouth, which is just good for cribbing than adding some substance.

By God’s Grace, another friend of ours joined, Arun. I had met him around one year back when he came to see off her GF to office. These committed crowds are always hibernated in their commitment phase. As we talked, I found he has developed an amazing sense of humor in this one year time and it took no time for me to derive, he is out of the hibernation now. I feel sad, when I see many of my old friends had the devdas phase after training. But they came up to be amazing people later on. We talked about almost all of our batch mates and the doomed crushes during the training period.

I felt above all those crushes and breakup stuff. I take myself not less than Lady Alexander; as if I have won a quila after marriage.

Whatever, I had a good time there and I left for another challenge back home.

I had to pep up my dear husband who was inflicted by my weirdo vodka-affected- attitude, for no fault of his of course!

Later, I reached home with a rose in my bag. But unfortunately, I am not so good at it actually, so the weapon failed because of a bad usage.

Ultimately, as usual I broke down and blithered, blithered and blithered and SILENCE!!!

He understood my tormented mind. I was back smiling in his life again :))

Then, later post dinner we had our friend and boss with his better half at our place.

Just for some lighter time after a heavy dinner, my husband tickled my mood by mocking on my career aspirations and stuff. I had once said, I want to do something which is one in lacs if not billions. It is very stupid for a B.Tech-IT professional to say that though, because the loop in his life goes endless with every thought of getting out of that buggy coding work. Why not! I thought, I am actually doing something one in millions – when everybody around me is talking cats and dogs, I am not even talking…[ I bounced again]

After, the guests left, we just took a small stroll around our building at 11:30...oops! True—I have really stopped thinking even. I was lost in thinking about my one in million works, that my school friend came. He had two special things today-a new switch and his IIM status that will always be.

He gave me his card and left.

He left but his card spiked me. It said “Mr. Khetan, COO Alumuns IIM, Ahmedabad”.

Oh Good God! Wasn’t the day enough to pump me; that this came...?

My junk memory thought what would I write if I happen get such cards printed—“Mrs. Matkar, Consultant...Burrrrrrr...Engineer...Burr whatever, Alumnus MIT “... :)) MIT stands for not Massachusetts but Mahila hehehe.

Not Funny..Not Funny Garima, I thought. I retorted to my husband, what the heck ‘m I doing with my life..watching TV and cooking is that all???

Frustations gets you speak these things, but the problem was, I wasn’t so serious; when I said that…but some one really was!!

Next morning on my normal routine, I was enjoying my daily soaps “Mile jab hum tum…” ...”Love ne mila di jodi...” till he stepped in and switched off the TV. Oops! Twist in my story…He reminded me of my frustrations yesterday night. I was stoned.

He left and I started thinking, what is that one in million I want to it…what what what burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I picked up a paper, but surprisingly not hyd times but edu times.

The first word I saw was Why Management? Oops! The notice was out today for CAT-2009. I really felt I discovered something today morning apart from the new releases and bollywood gossips. [I bounced badly]

I called up Jo, as she had been a CAT aspirant and blithered out my frustrations.

She as always gave me a promising reply and asked to think on what am I interested in? Whatever I say and it can be done in 10 lakhs.

Business investment decision hai kya, I thought.

I have developed a belief on signs today morning after the newspaper incident. Signs help at times when nothing helps...

My electric insect catcher sense dominated and I started for catching signs—

I boarded my cab and started for office—

“Loans upto 10 lakhs –Contact Mr. Shetty for more details” read on an advertisement on the yellow auto ran passed my cab.

My thoughts bounced back to my discussion with the Cat aspirant Jo, she said something about career in 10 lakhs..

[Its working. Is it?]

I crossed Madhapur..and turned to left side of road and saw “ T.I.M.E institute for CAT,GMAT bla blah”. Oh my God... I never saw this before, has this recently been opened. Education is for sale! , I thought.

[ It is actually working! Pinch me ]

“Wipro Applying thoughts” made me stronger on my newly found belief.

I was heading to my office that I saw ISB—ISB—ISB written on so many electric poles and till the time I landed in front of my building and looked up. It said “SATYAM- What business Demands”.

Business to pata nhn...I had to go back to my business for another 9 hours of the day.

But I didn’t lose my stand....’’m still open to Signs...Oops....’’m (mistakenly typed) reminds me of ''m—IIM...

[Is it working still…?]

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SaasuMa's Khazana..yummy!!

My Saasu Ma was in Hyderabad lately. Her 2 weeks stay was more of cooking classes for me.
As I am a Punjabi by birth; married in Marathi family, it was a challenge for her to change my taste to Marathi Cuisines. Struggling with her Marathi lingos like tikha, kandha, kothambir and batata, I feel-I have satisfied Aayi that now I can very well handle her son's Marathi taste buds.
I will be posting in recipes which are quick and easy for people who couldn't try much hands in kitchen because of studies and work.
These are direct from Aayi's books, tested and tried.

Sengdaana Chutney powder

peanuts- 1 cup
garlic- 5 cloves
curry leaves - 1 stick
red chilli

Roast peanuts in a wok without oil;then rub and remove the outer rind..similarly, put the garlic cloves and curry leaves in heated wok.
Put garlic and curry leaves in grinder and juice it for secs and pour in peanuts and atleast 3 tbsps of red chilli and 1-1 1/2 tbsp salt.Grind it coarsely not too fine else it would be sticky as peanuts might lose oil.
Store in airtight container and have it with chapatis, rice and watever u feel like..good for working women who could'nt manage a bhaji in night..can very well go with chutney and roti.
Enjoy :)

Kopra chutney powder

(Dry coconut, mostly available at grocery stores. It is vastly used in Maharastrian and Keralite Cuisines)
grated dry coconut - 1 cup
garlic- 2-3 cloves
red chilli

Put garlic in grinder and juice it for secs and pour in grated coconut and atleast 3 tbsps of red chilli, 1/2 tbsp turmeric and 1-1 1/2 tbsp salt.Grind it coarsely.
Store in airtight container and have it with chapatis, rice and watever u feel like..good for working women who could'nt manage a bhaji in night..can very well go with chutney and roti.
Enjoy :)

Coconut Chutney

Fresh Cocounut - remove water and shredded - 1
mustard seeds
green chillies- 4
garlic cloves- 3
cumin seeds

Grind coconut, green chillies , turmeric and garlic in blender. Then in another pan, put some oil. When the oil is hot, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. When the fluttering starts, add the blended mixture to the pan. Add salt and mix it properly and take off the heat before it starts boiling.

Serve with dosa, ommlette, wada pav or anything you feel like having it with.

More to come..Toor kandhyacha pattichi bhaji,Toor bhaji,Drumstick toor,Chicken Curry..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jan 7,2009 and Now - A journey A learning??

One afternoon when I was busy in my non-routine socializing business, as it was my engagement for a change, I got a call from one of my friends. The call had foremost shaken my fiancée, as if he was told, he will be fired after he returns. But the news was even more to leave gasping, it was a dirty magic trick which happened over years and vanished the 94% of cash from the company’s account books.
Unlike his reaction on the issue, I was quite in a normal pumping. As it was in “politically correct” terms, was going beyond the letter ‘Z’ of law in verge of maximizing the shareholder’s value by making a prudent use of minimal organizational resources.
Ever since the tide got out and the corporate honcho Mr. Raju along with his team were found swimming naked in the ethical pool of business determinations, left the decision makers; striving to find a swim suit of right size for them. As a side effect, it kept me wondering what kind of audience am I.
On a deep analysis, I found there could be three kinds of audiences, one who are “politically astute” and prefer taking ethical high grounds when it comes to dripping ink on such issues. Second are the insecure section, they will rather not participate, other one are those who will express what they thought, irrespective of how “politically incorrect” it may sound. I fall in the third section, so this makes me pretty justified to take a stand of my choice with an assumption of no personal or professional grudges.
As a simple rule, when employees, accountants, lawyers intend to do wrong, no amount of legislation would stop them. It would be a wait and watch fodder for the affected community that is politicians, press, competitors, future generations, lawyers and courts.
Everyone in the affected section benefited, it turned to be a burning coal for the political campaigning; good amount of fodder in winters for the Press; ah! more of mud slinging and snatching deals by competitors; preferable time to pick up case studies in B-schools and earn visibly in short term investments; a big FAT case to indulge in with more briberies and magisterial parties for lawyers; Courts were lesser of law and more of a football blame-game.
There were enough signs for the day to come; attempting a highly controversial merger deal with a non-related, non-profitable Maytas was no ‘good’ action to be justified as utilitarianism. It was a sheer selfish universalism for Rajus, who tried another blindfold to justify their $1 billion non-existent cash. Unfortunately, it’s when the nature of law overcame in a miserable way, the government woke up from the sleep where everything is condoned till corporate pay taxes and the social responsibilities are carried out.
Then started the dirty game, which started from “What the Satyam auditors were up to in past few years???” to “Will the Government be sustained??”

After howling highs and lows, from 500 to 6 and to 100 now, we were stuffed with different views by x number of articles and discussion forums happening daily. We just had facts in mails and curiosity for tomorrow’s headlines. Agreed! It was a scam of one of its kind which happened in an Indian IT industry. But Enron, WorlCom, Arther Andersen, Tyko, Sunbeam, Qwest, Xerox etc partying in the same hall of shame were also one of its kinds. A SCAM is a “scam”, violation of financial accounting rules, internal control rules and executive ethical conduct rules; in short Sarbanes-Oxley was badly raped!!
Thinking on the learning at the various bands in the company, there is nothing from S to BI. I still go at 9 and come back at 6, addressing the technical issues as before. Nothing happened except for some projects went out, which was obvious! The talent pool in the company is strong enough to keep the show going. The company has given enough footage for the VPP guys to fish outside the company.
Good God! The company is not orphaned for long and it got the Mahindra cradle.
All the drama till today has NO LEARNING to be frank. It would be a waste of time and energies if we sit concluding on Dos and Don’ts from here on. The management was weak in their fundamentals, if they were not, the renditions above and old geezers will make them weak in knees. They have been snapped of their thinking power by the owners for the well being of their offspring. Mishap.. Can’t Help!
I feel the scam didn’t reach at the levels of workstations; it cropped at the final levels and rested in peace. So, workstations guys should not be in the position to comment, and if they do, that would be a copy-paste. Not as learning but a reminder that we, the people at the code level should not move by any of the management disturbances and continue giving our part.
Post Jan 7th also, we were on our benches coding for the clients and that is one of the reasons, we are not as much effected as the top management guys. Obviously, we will never be till; we are individually implicated in the decisions of the company.
Violation of laid regulations is rightly agreed, which indicates that a redo of the management books is required prior to taking decisions for the company who runs the bandwagon for hundreds of families. Lastly, for the people like me who are more expressive than thoughtful, as with any controversy, it's no surprise that some of the scammers are being unveiled. It certainly doesn't mean that all companies are scamming, but it is a learning that unless you're personally involved, it's pretty tough to take a company's word on what it's actually been doing with its money.

At the end of the day, I would still like waking up to come to the office for my chores…that’s What Business Demands!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

GoodMorning India!

Post Marriage mornings are usually the craved one for every we use to see in our masala movies..wife with a cup of steaming bed tea, almost drenched directly from the bathroom manages the pooja ka thal in other hand enters the living room to wake up her last night date "her Husband".
But that looks good in the 21" screen, with changing generation..and fast racing thought process..guys don't expect their wives's to be a lovey Davey pujarin anymore..
Holds the same for my hubby as well..we have quite a bachelor morning!
My maid wakes me up and the tea craving wakes him up :)
Just a very regular morning..we lied on our TV side couch with all the entertainment stuff around..and a cup of tea.
Surfing through the numerous channels offered by the cable industry is equivalent to fishing in the dirtiest pond, till the time I fish one good bandwidth the office bell rings...and the rush hour begins.
As always..I was swimming through the saas bahu sagas that I caught quite a mature lady dancing ; visibly putting in best of her efforts to make it happen on stage in front of millions of audiences!
And for obvious reasons, it called for a discussion between us.
I found the lady to be a daring image of an Indian grandma, unlike my husband who is badly infected by WCS (Western Culture Syndrome) had an opinion of her making a fool of herself as well as Indians.
I could understand, the performance wasn't up to the mark to be presented on stage but to be enjoyed in some birthday party or a baraat. But,I really salute the enthusiasm of the 54 years lady who loves her grand children, which made her measure a 500 Kms to Mumbai from Hyderabad just to make her grand children feel proud.

I hold a strong opinion that we are no less than any Blondie individual be it in mind or body.
If Pamela Anderson could run her way on beaches in bikini and still mesmerize the audiences in her 50s, we have a enthusiastic Pamela in every Indian grandma ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trust & Love!

I have experienced a lot varied emotions from when I was big enough to understand how it feels when you dont find your dad around..
How it feels when your mom made you your tiffin box and you were not ready to share it just because you think the sandwich is the mom's love you are so possessive about!
Silly..I know but that is what something you couldn't define in practical terms of selfless relationship..
The feelings matures though as we grow up and learn the world beyond our pa-aayi affection.
There are many more emotions just as love!
But more painful..shattering..unbearable...
Investing the best of your life for someone,you can't imagine your life without.