Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year!

“Type---type---type---- back---back---back---type---back---delete………”, yes that’s how it sounds when I think of writing now-a-days. Almost 3 months now and still that gimpy feel of recollecting what happened in past days. All I could remember is pasting one of our Hyderabad Tourism pronounced snap in a gifted frame today morning and checking the marriage pics of one of my college friends on FB :)
Well…with all the preoccupations, I felt it would be unfair to ignore the space that too when I am so close to the new year and have all frozen up for this year.
I am just out of the Christmas freeze and could hear the New Year express coming on my lazy platform. All set in place, food stuffed for winters, no pending tasks, reserved ample time to catch friends on FB - checking them travel, party, marry :)
All well in the schedule – no balances for my soon to be ‘bygone’ year, in fact been a very successful and happening year for me. Had my first anniversary, bought a new house, explored new ventures, gained new degree, made new friends, sheltered no regrets and patted myself a ‘N’ times : )) 
Yes, ignored my national awareness for a while in spate of exponentially incrementing the public awareness on FB but then - should have something to resolve in the New Year as well…so added that in the to-do for 2011.
Overall a fulfilling year for love too, though I have more and more to add to for the next year when I see my friends traveling and honeymoon-ing on FB:)  
I missed on an extra trip (I think!!), would have been rocking ‘if only’ I had another honeymoon this year :p
Well, looking forward to delete all the ‘if only’ in 2011 and fall in love all over again in the next year and in the coming 100 years of my life with him.

With all the happy things in mind, wishing a very happy New Year!!!

Signing off for 2010.


  1. This is how I feel exactly. I stopped following news, I haven't blogged in a while, I am not keeping myself updated with the latest techie stuff. I feel as I'm becoming a lazy bum!

    I need some driving force, which would shake me up! You r post almost did the work but not there yet :)

  2. Lets hope you don't have any 'if only' thoughts at the end of 2011.
    Happy New year. Herez wishing all your above wishes come true


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