Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just an Update.

This is my final day in Lonavala for the marriage of my husband’s college buddy. It wasn’t an apple pie to get there but had to travel for the full day. We hooked in the bus from Hyderabad to Pune and thereafter a local to Lonavala.
The marriage was grand as expected, but some how the weather at Lonavala didn’t turn out to be as imagined. There was nothing wintry about the place as I surfed on relatives and web.
Despite the disappointment from the weather, we enjoyed and captured our stay in the amenable resort.
There were friends pitching in hotel-chatrooms, night-long mimickery, old day’s discussions, professors, hotties, dudes, air hockey sessions and everything else on our mongering list.
Not only that I got to explore my husband’s cranky college crushes, but the two days was more of nostalgia, memories and FOOD: D
Marwari shaadis is only about hospitality and Khaan-paan. We were stuffed with loads of sweets and delicacies every time we grabbed the chairs in the pandaal.
I am feeling after the last meal at Lonavala that I had enough to make myself jog for another 3-4 days.
With a very heavy heart of not willing to leave the place, my bags are packed and laces tied, the good time has come to an end.
We are starting for our pavilion with an increased baggage of memories and new friends.
Ah…I can’t end the trip without Lonavala Chikkis and ofcourse Wada Pav. Got to carry some back to Hyderabad.
In rush now,
Cya ,

Take Care

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bad day and new neighbours!

Lately, while reading the cover story on bipolar personality in some health supplement of a magazine, I realised that I am caught in the symptoms of the disease, which I mistook from long as mood swings.
The idea of becoming a bipolar patient on the full proved basis, made me even sickie.I didn't accept the fact till, my husband read the article and mocked at my weekly depression problem to be actually a beginning of bipolar disorder.
Late in the noon, when I was busy in kitchen, there was a  knock at the door.I generally don't entertain knocks to the door bell. I take that as the sign of some service guy at door, because no nonsense guy would ever go for the stairs just for the reason he doesn't know how to operate the lift!
I yelled to confirm who was at the door for the reason that the eyepiece was too high for me to check and my shorts were not too impressive to be exhibited.
When nobody answered, I peeked out from the half opened door to see a girl, supposedly my new neighbor who wanted to know, if there was a power cut.
Then I realized that actually it wasn't her non-sense that made her to knock but the power cut.
After the inquiry was shut, I found my husband all ready to complain about my yelling..pheww not another lecture please..not at all in the mood.I will take care..
He is intelligent to sense the temperature , so he kept to himself.

Late night, when we were in the mid of scrabble session, the thumping outside my door alarmed me.
On checking, we found a big family shifting at in the adjacent flat 'This neighborhood is confusing..'
We couldn't sleep for another 2 hours because of the shifting sounds.
For some 4-5 days I could hear kids, aunty, uncle which was a different feel as I have been living here for 2 years with not even an echo from neighborhood.
"It is good...the floor is no more haunted", I said.
"yeah..we should talk to them ..", my sociable husband said.

He didn't miss a chance till today morning to peak in and find what is in the neighborhood.
It is always fun to know about others private lives esp. when it is your neighborhood. Following the rule, I am supposed to know my neighbor more than they do :)

But today afternoon, I heard the same thumping again, ignoring  to be coming from the road. I continued to do my chores.
It was when I went out to take my dustbin in, I saw a whole lot of guys from movers and packers standing out. "Oops! Another shift....but where is my dustbin?"
,Oh my God! those shitty guys had gulped my dustbin under their cartons. I had my bipolar evil coming out till I noticed my third new neighbour with his grandson stood smiling at me.
what a cost of making good neighbors! I have no worries but difficult to cope with my bipolar disorder over multipolar neighborhood.