Thursday, July 2, 2009

GoodMorning India!

Post Marriage mornings are usually the craved one for every we use to see in our masala movies..wife with a cup of steaming bed tea, almost drenched directly from the bathroom manages the pooja ka thal in other hand enters the living room to wake up her last night date "her Husband".
But that looks good in the 21" screen, with changing generation..and fast racing thought process..guys don't expect their wives's to be a lovey Davey pujarin anymore..
Holds the same for my hubby as well..we have quite a bachelor morning!
My maid wakes me up and the tea craving wakes him up :)
Just a very regular morning..we lied on our TV side couch with all the entertainment stuff around..and a cup of tea.
Surfing through the numerous channels offered by the cable industry is equivalent to fishing in the dirtiest pond, till the time I fish one good bandwidth the office bell rings...and the rush hour begins.
As always..I was swimming through the saas bahu sagas that I caught quite a mature lady dancing ; visibly putting in best of her efforts to make it happen on stage in front of millions of audiences!
And for obvious reasons, it called for a discussion between us.
I found the lady to be a daring image of an Indian grandma, unlike my husband who is badly infected by WCS (Western Culture Syndrome) had an opinion of her making a fool of herself as well as Indians.
I could understand, the performance wasn't up to the mark to be presented on stage but to be enjoyed in some birthday party or a baraat. But,I really salute the enthusiasm of the 54 years lady who loves her grand children, which made her measure a 500 Kms to Mumbai from Hyderabad just to make her grand children feel proud.

I hold a strong opinion that we are no less than any Blondie individual be it in mind or body.
If Pamela Anderson could run her way on beaches in bikini and still mesmerize the audiences in her 50s, we have a enthusiastic Pamela in every Indian grandma ;)