Monday, December 10, 2012

Open your mouth...hahaha!

 "Last Sunday was a day of pride for us. Firstly, because my little one turned one honoring me to be a  mother of toddler now. Secondly, because we managed to pull a grand get together for the first time :)
Its true that big job counts but you can't negate the fact that every small job if done well - means a lot! ;) (Courtesy: The Bee movie - my LO's current favorite). We started planning for the birthday bash one month in advance - settling on the theme to the invitations and the food. Though, coping with caterers and last moment coverups due to careless vendors was a nightmarish experience but at the end of the day we sure had loads of compliments and untethered smiles.
We started with the theme based on my daughter's favorite characters - Monkey, Duck and Bee, we settled on duck. So, that decided the decor to be in yellow, white and voilet.
With a vague idea of what we wished the party to be like, we contacted many event organisers before we settled on Dream Events. The team was hardworking and creative. They took care of decor and entertainment. Invitations, music and catering was our call as it was something which was becoming difficult to settle on with the event manager.

My husband managed his department of invitations, catering and music creatively well.  Invitations on duck theme was a challenge but all credits to his photoshoping skills, where he designed and got them printed at Kodak.

 Catering was by a known and recommended caterer in town with veg and non veg course. Over that, I arranged for some duck bites in small paper cup with salty biscuits and fruit chews.

Father of the b'day girl had a special surprise arrangement of a projector for screening a movie capturing all the kids who were invited for the party along with few famous nursery rhymes and tracks. It turned out to be the most personalized arrangement for the party and treat for the babies and the parents.

 Starting with my department - the couture for the princess, we didn't want to invest on frilly fairy frocks so instead we got a dress from UCB with yellow sandals, a matching hairpin with black stockings.

Return gifts were a combination 4-pc puzzles on farm animals/pet animals/transport- guess a decent choice for the age group. The gifts were wrapped in gift paper with a yellow ribbon on top.

Then the birthday cake was themed as well. It was a yummy butterscotch butter cake with ducks on top.

For the decor, we had a flex on stage with duck cut outs in-front and on round tables. There was a flex message board at second entrance and a cottage board at the main entrance.

We successfully checked on the two of the three important aspects of a first birthday party -
1. Ambience
2. Food

What we lagged on was the strategy to pep up the mood of the birthday girl as she was upset to be surrounded by so many guests :(
But, the guests tried their best to keep us pepped up by enjoying the party to the fullest by being kids with the kids :)
  Yes, last but not the least to acknowledge we were honored with gifts from the friends adding to my daughter's collection and what she gave in return was big-mouthed hah aha with her 3 teeth shining (courtesy: Johny Johny)  :)
Well this one turned out to be 'Big First Birthday Bash' ending with a thank you note and the cake for the guests who couldn't come. Tiring though, we were happy at the end and hoped to have rocking birthday bashes in several years to come for our little princess. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


Don't read it as I love shoes but I kick them :)
"There is an old connection between being a girl and the love for shoes. If diamonds are 'forever' then shoes are 'moreover' in the girl's to-buy list :) I used to gift myself a variety from pencils to blocks, from sneakers to pumps, from catwalks to kolhpuris, irrespective of what the life span would be. They were in my shoe rack some well wrapped, some muddied but the love for all was the same. Now, that I have put some difficult pounds after delivery, I am left with some bland options of flats (spare my knee :( ) . But, I keep up with my love for shoes by spreeing in for my 7-months daughter. I collected three pairs when she was not even 4 months, they were all wasted because I was lazy putting them daily. Now when she adores stuff well, I got more which I make a point to be adorned, just to end up having one shoe kicked off  in the middle of a road. Well, shoes for a non-walker baby is the most wasted accessory to invest in by far. But, I can't kick off my shoe-la-la spirit for the reason that my princess is yet to pet that impeccable love for her toes.

Ciao, Happy shoe lifting to all the ladies!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Credibility of a first time mom

"I delivered my first baby 6 months back ever since I have been trying to gain stature for my capabilities to raise my baby. I could still see frowns on the fact that I don't need an experienced hand to nurture my baby. Come on, we are in diaper and tubs era and we are generationally smart (I mean "resources").
We can bath and feed the baby, we can also teach and play with them. Does it take anything more than the mother's instinct to raise a child? I believe, every mother is gifted with the confidence and will power to love and nurture, along with their bundle of joy. This is a call for all who think we can't foster our own baby just because we are first time mothers. Answer to this is; there is always a first time, I will be adept in parenting, if not the mistakes;mother's instincts will make me so :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

9 months update

"Last time I posted on the blog, was at my 7 months of pregnancy and now after 9 months, I should have so much to talk about but poops :) Life changed upside down after having a baby...hmmm!
For a quick update what happened in last 9 months goes like I had a beautiful pregnancy no nausea no aversions. I had a complicated delivery with a dry labor ending in a caesarean (phew!) which again ended beautifully with Saachi joining our family. All pains were left behind and was tooooo busy in taking care of the little angel, from feeding to bathing and massaging her and even having trips to all the relatives as an intro to the family for little Saachi. The world seemed all around Saachi, I swear! If I didn't mention, I appreciate myself for the rigorous research done on how-to of baby care through out my pregnancy (Thanks to babycenter and my Hospital). All the reading well paid with Saachi achieving her milestones. She started rolling on her tummy as a mother's day gift to me and will hopefully gift her dad on Father's day with sitting (Touchwood!).
Saachi @3months

Saachi is 6 months now and is growing lovelier day by day. Sorry..lovelier and maturer, she weaned off the breasts now and gave mumma her old freedom of partying finally (muaah.. :*). I started with Nan pro yesterday with skepticism that she will reject it but the morning gifted me a big black poop of yesterday's feed and even a hungrier girl in house :) We have a colorful and tastier eating palette now with reds, yellows and greens for Saachi.
Happy mom now, will keep posting!
Ciao :)