Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Deal…huh!!!

It is good to have experiences – good or bad, if nothing better they could possibly add to the scrapbook. After my hibernation got over and I intrepidly decided to step out of my comfy – ready for disappointments and appointments :) Yes, I was looking out for a change and valuation for my capabilities so far. On my trail, I experienced a number of things few to mention - the pain of facing the n+1 guys all ready to hammer and the challenge to find that there are so many like you:(
Anyways, almost all the experiences were same except for one, which gave me an ultimate frown till date. No, not that someone pointed my skills registries (I handled that unexpectedly!!) but the problem was in my personal registries, to be specific my marital status :)
When I fell in love and decided to marry, I never thought this could actually be an act of disappointment for some old soggy baldhead!!
I think this a new elimination bow in the dictionaries of HRs or just a trick to test the waters :) It was definitely the latter for me as I steered through the trap chuckling – for I am diplomatically defensive when it comes to my personal front. Questioning me for my marital status would have been as obvious for him as for me to ask him to mind his own business. What say…doubting a married woman for her dedication at work saves no space for a married man as well to resist his loving wife…and guarantee his attendance in office :)
 Dear Sir, You are requested to strike this contestation from your book of tricks as this no more holds for the new generation!  Moreover, it might invite the brickbats as an honor to your guts :)
Difficult to believe but I even had this suggestion of hiding my mangalsutra :)) Big dealllll…being married is neither a crime nor it makes me any less competitive… Ufff…how childish and desperate can one be??? Girls, this is India and we have all rights to everything here; be it a job, a house or a husband ;)
My experience is just a message for all the girls that this actually happens!! So, be ready to face it, whatever be the consequence don’t leave the room – Remember Democracy :)