Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hyderabad-Indiblogger Meet 2010 – The first hand account!

Finally the most exciting event in Hyderabad city came to an end- an hour ago(FYI : I am writing at 7:00 pm IST).I have just landed at my place and thought it is the right time to report as the memory is very much fresh now. In three words, “It was Fun”, do I need to write more?:)

First of all, Thanks Indiblogger team for conducting this one!

The event started at around 2.45 pm after the attendance was appreciable to begin with. The first thing we saw after entering the hall was warm and welcoming Indiblogger team in black tees. That is the attribute of a good host…kudos!

We registered ourselves and took our seats. I could see many familiar faces from Indiblogger portal like Renie, Anwin, Anoop, Balaganesh et al running around the hall to get the things in place. The set up was perfect to make the whole event interactive and fun-filled. The projector screen showed the attendees status and continuous twittering from the fellow bloggers. The event triggered with the introduction of the Indiblogger team from across the map. Not to miss the burqa guy running out part and the small petty teasing added a spice to the meet making it a perfectly garnished attempt!

Univercell guys stood at the back of the hall were indicative of a good monetary backing for the meet—food was of course a bigger indication though :)

It was surprising to find the varied blogging crowd in Hyderabad. There were hairy to grey-hair to no hair bloggers across the hall (this was one of the twitter during the 30 sec of fame session too!).The hall was for once full of grey matter unaware of the big things happening outside the venue. Scratch the back-live and let comment part was fun too- I was reading my sheet and remembering the faces who scribbled and I have bookmarked the blogspaces already!

I won’t write about the snacking part—that’s personal I would not like to count on the contribution to your checks. After we were stuffed with food it was very clever to have Riyaz waking up the crowds with the weird quizzing session. To confess, I didn’t know the answer to even one question or should I say, I didn’t understand any :(

After realizing that people around were 100 miles more updated than me—it was a limelight part. Renie decided to have a group pic kind of thing. It was 10 mins and the full picture was on the camera rolls. I bet the most memorable one!

I missed out a small but important detail-apart from the open forum and Univercell-official blogger event- there was a presentation on blogs for charity (contributed by ad4good guys) and a discussion on setting up an official Hyderabad Indiblogger group to make it a standalone fun from next time. The news can be caught soon on Indiblogger forums.

Lastly, the most awaiting part (after snacking though!) of collecting our tees happened and we left the place stuffed and dressed :)

I hope I don’t sound too selfish but Thanks team for giving us ‘Roti, kapda aur Makaan’ for 3 hours in the scorching heat of Hyderabad!

Cheers :)


  1. Nice summation... good to hear that you folks had a good time! Good to have known you and your blog too through Indiblogger though I am from Bangalore!

  2. Garima
    I too was part of the meet and enjoyed it.
    After reading your updates, I personally there is nothing left to say.
    You have covered everything.
    I am waiting for the group photo.

    By the way, I have started a Group on Linkedin, only for IndiBloggers.


  3. Roti, Kapda aur Makaana ... awesome way to summarize it .. :) ... Kudos to IndiBlogger team for such a blockbuster .

  4. Great job Garima.. thanks for sharing with us...

  5. Weird, Huh? Okay, I'll take that.

  6. Hey.. I also attended the meet. ragasofgitam blogger.. Almost everybody who was at the meet should have enjoyed being there.. btw, I've also posted a review on the meet in my blog..

  7. thanks for the first hand account...

    This may be the closest I can get to an IndiBlogger meet ever!

    The Hair analysis was funny...

    Very detailed report on the whole thing... Are you a journo by any chance?

  8. Finally your meet is over!!!!!
    looks like you had a great time...
    lets hope I also join next time along with you ..:)
    btw reached safely :D ...

  9. that definitely is an interesting way to sum it :) it was a pleasure to meet u. maybe we ll get the pic of the “black/grey/no” hair crowd soon :)

  10. roti, kapda aur makaan - nicely put :). It was an excellent experience for me too!! Nice job by IndiBlogger!!

  11. Nicely put Garima...we loved the meet.. The event will be in our minds for a long time...Nice Meeting all new people...

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog Garima. We did not get to meet at the event but it is great to catch up with you offline. Enjoyed reading your post on the event.

  13. The meet was cool, here is in depth details of the meet with pictures, suggestion

  14. Hi there. Great post.
    Didn't get a chance to meet you at the meet though you were sitting a couple of metres away :-)
    Looking forward to more fun-filled blogger meets.
    Happy Blogging!

  15. well written and ended up :)
    it was nice meeting you!!!

  16. Yeah yeah. Make fun of the burqa guy! No one loves me anymore! :(

    Nice review, and I am glad you liked it! Many more to come soon!


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