Saturday, June 26, 2010

‘Frittata-n-Omelette’ life

“Someone said that inspiration needs no ‘muhurat’; it can come from literally anywhere. There are thousands of things, if not million which could inspire us about some of the most incomprehensive aspects. Color, Shape, size and smell are the abstract terms but even they can derive a meaning out of our lives. For say, a sleek mobile can inspire me for a size-zero or a cleanly bound book can even change my way of living. Why not? Sounds weird but if we ponder on science of aromatherapy or color therapy it adds substantial support to the statement. There is range of perfumes in the market and they sell because we believe in power of scent. Similarly, though we understand the thermal physics behind black and white - we can’t help relating the colors to aggressiveness and peace. All the colors hold a meaning they give us the sensation when we see them. There are many examples like a red wrap can race heartbeats whereas; a pink coat can enhance the femininity. I have even read that eating in a purple plate could limit the appetite :P
So, if red could inspire us to love, feather could inspire us to fly, and music can inspire us to dance – moral is anything under the sky could inspire us even a fragile little egg.
Don’t blame me, but weekends inspire me to imagine and thus the analogy -
Egg could just be a breakfast relish for many, but if given a thought it is more than just a protein-bag. Unbroken egg indicates conservation and potential but on the other side it exhibits instability as well. Broken egg on ground indicates destruction and haphazardness but when poured on a hot skillet it is a different entity. I see life as a blend of frittata and Omelette. I would tell the difference between the two condiments. Frittata is an Italian Omelette which is fluffy-stuffy with vegetables and thus colorful. It is a vegelicious treat to the palate and the eyes too. Omelette on the other hand is nothing but a beaten or non-beaten egg; cooked on one or both the sides on a skillet – a well set and slim treat. Both Frittata and Omelette tells a saga on life. Frittata shows how colorful our life can be! It is a beautiful story when the reds and greens blend with each other showing love and prosperity nesting together, resulting in a self sufficient outcome. It doesn’t require a bread support unlike Omelette which is thin, crusty, touchy and light.  
But it is always Omelette for breakfast and Frittata for dinner and even I prefer that way.
Philosophy behind is that I get a good sleep when I am pampered and assured that I have reds and greens in my life just like Frittata.
 But mornings are meant to be fresh, thoughtless and light just like Omelette but the one ‘WITH SUNNY-SIDE UP’ for me :) 


  1. Wow breakfast will never be the same again :)

  2. Nice post. Ande ka funda!

    Regarding inspirations, i don’t need any after reading your blogs :)

    Keep writing.

  3. Omellete is not that light and thoughtless. It is Frnch in origin and is always folded. Usually cheese and mushrooms are put in as filling.

    Good post by the way. :)

  4. @Witty Jester - Thanks! can think differently on weekends, let weekdays be our boss's way :)
    @Anand - hehe no funda as such just a random rambling :)
    @Vinayak- Thanks!
    @Prateek - Thanks for dropping! There are many variations possible in omelette but they are all variations. The very basic recipe for egggs from our childhood days is the sunny-side up. You may or may not fold it and same for the stuffing part.Omelette is a french term but there is again a variation called 'French Omelette' :)


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