Sunday, August 8, 2010

Terrible two’s & an extraordinary Sunday ☺

“Ever since I finished all the seasons of my most favorite Sex and the City, life has been an unrealized crave for more…
Never imagined would get to hear the “Once upon a time….” monologue once again with the most unexpected download of SATC 2. Sunday is one day which makes me totally unaware of how the day would turn out to be…one of the reasons being the forecasters are on leave too :) I am not so superstitious but the future gurus have gained an expertise now or might be ‘m too smart to find the threads :) So, since the predictors are enjoying their Sundays, I assume to have the privilege to position the stars as I wish them to be :-)
Anyways, on to my subject – Today was a usual start with my maid ringing the bell and waking me up to do some un-messing for a change.
I added a little twist to my Sunday with trick washing my new wrinkled kurta and waiting and voila! Got the movie download complete by then. In the happiness of watching it, I ended with a faster breakfast and morning tea as an excuse to wake him up. If I didn’t mention, I hate watching my favorite movie alone (not to miss, I am missing on the girlfriends from quite a long time now!) – So the onus is on my husband dear to bear this role of being my GF every weekend :)

I am half way through the movie now – this time on marriages, very unlike Carrie though! It is a pleasure to watch her release the new book on marriage and terrible two’s in this version and always a pleasure watching the girls fashioned incredibly; well, a different story line but much easier to relate, after all its on marriages this time.
How terrible or exceptional can it be – being two --- inter‘fun’tion --- at the end Fun is till there!
With running two errands for five days, disputing on two choices for everything we might be in the cult of terrible twos through out the week except when we couple up to kick our Sunday mornings with two cups of tea and two movies in line...Can't ask for more..sigh.. :)
No second opinions, it is the best deal for an extraordinary Sunday :)


  1. In 'About Me', you have described yourself beautifully. So does this post.

  2. Nice one. By the way phrase terrible twos is used for 2 years old kids :P. Crazy couple is the phrase to be used for you guys :P


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