Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just an Update.

This is my final day in Lonavala for the marriage of my husband’s college buddy. It wasn’t an apple pie to get there but had to travel for the full day. We hooked in the bus from Hyderabad to Pune and thereafter a local to Lonavala.
The marriage was grand as expected, but some how the weather at Lonavala didn’t turn out to be as imagined. There was nothing wintry about the place as I surfed on relatives and web.
Despite the disappointment from the weather, we enjoyed and captured our stay in the amenable resort.
There were friends pitching in hotel-chatrooms, night-long mimickery, old day’s discussions, professors, hotties, dudes, air hockey sessions and everything else on our mongering list.
Not only that I got to explore my husband’s cranky college crushes, but the two days was more of nostalgia, memories and FOOD: D
Marwari shaadis is only about hospitality and Khaan-paan. We were stuffed with loads of sweets and delicacies every time we grabbed the chairs in the pandaal.
I am feeling after the last meal at Lonavala that I had enough to make myself jog for another 3-4 days.
With a very heavy heart of not willing to leave the place, my bags are packed and laces tied, the good time has come to an end.
We are starting for our pavilion with an increased baggage of memories and new friends.
Ah…I can’t end the trip without Lonavala Chikkis and ofcourse Wada Pav. Got to carry some back to Hyderabad.
In rush now,
Cya ,

Take Care


  1. weddings are always fun...and if its a marwadi wedding in my

    But then i guess any ocassion with friends around has got to be good :)


  2. I am Jealous ! Stuck in UK and missing Indian food like crazy

    Ps: I am from Mumbai and Lonvala was my every sunday drive destination !
    Lucky you ! seriously !



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