Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trust & Love!

I have experienced a lot varied emotions from when I was big enough to understand how it feels when you dont find your dad around..
How it feels when your mom made you your tiffin box and you were not ready to share it just because you think the sandwich is the mom's love you are so possessive about!
Silly..I know but that is what something you couldn't define in practical terms of selfless relationship..
The feelings matures though as we grow up and learn the world beyond our pa-aayi affection.
There are many more emotions just as love!
But more painful..shattering..unbearable...
Investing the best of your life for someone,you can't imagine your life without.


  1. yea, it does hurt a lot when we invest and lose, whether its in terms of money or love :)


  2. Hey...I too grew up witout my dad around- he was always busy with his career. So I can understand what you must have felt like.

  3. lOVE is the worlds most prized possesion,but one must never clutch it so hard that it suffocates.Good post.

  4. Touching post.
    its like clutching sand in hand. the hard you clutch thingy..
    good one! nice thought


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