Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And I blushed...

Ever since, I came into the interactive mode, I am known for my ‘bindass’ style of living. ‘Bindass’ in terms of my college-mates was being tom-boyish and carefree. I never cared for how I look or how I can impress a guy. Subsequently, when I entered the corporate world, this tom boyish attitude transitioned to a feminist cave. Next, when I fell for my husband, the feminist fire became very airy-fairy. We mostly discussed everything on earth with no insecurities, suspicions or hesitations. A very thin but strong wall of faith and frankness stood. One day, I found I never blushed when I was with him; rather he had so many times. When I discussed this aspect of my nature with him, he was as normal to confess that he is already aware of it.

I wrote a Rule in my diary with little doubt in my heart though: “
I can’t blush”…hmmmm
Is it!!! guys like blushing girlfriends???

Ever since, whenever he looks at me I start thinking...”
Do I need to blush...Oops! I am dumb...stone hearted completely...unromantic collegiate huh

Whatever, I am married now (shameless still!) and we are having a good life…which means I am happily married :)
I have stopped catching my blush-y instances.

Today, we were off for a Royal Enfield treat in cakes n amore that it just came out during casual talk. I was pointing to my husband on being an atheist as he was having a chicken calzone despite of my telling him about Navratras. Anyways, it wasn’t that he was doing it for the first time; he had made up fake religious stories during Ganapati just for having an omlette.

As for my habit of blustering, I continued and told about his being so shameless that on his engagement, he barged into my hotel room to get groomed for the evening.
It was that sentence...and I smiled. I was kind of blushing, thinking about my engagement day...…


After many communications between our parents, we settled on Belgaum to be the ideal venue for our marriage, as it was convenient for our guests to land in Belgaum than in Kolhapur.
We were staying in a hotel with all our guests and the baraat was traveling from his place which was around 40 kms from the venue.

My Father-in-Law is a principal and as expected very disciplined and punctual. He had instructed both of us not to meet or step out before the engagement. Though, I took the advantage of the distance and had a trip in Belgaum in search of beauty parlors. It was around 15 days that we had not seen each other.

On the engagement day, I was already an hour late for the beautician’s appointment and was rushing to leave for the beauty parlor.
I stepped out of my room with my paraphernalia that I saw a big crowd of my relatives rushing out for lunch in the restaurant downstairs. And suddenly I saw him…taking the advantage of the mob gushing towards my room…and mom encountered him...he bent down to do a learnt exercise of pairi-pawna and moved on..he rushed in our hotel room and got the room vacated to get ready..
The whole thing happened but saved to get attention because of the hunger pangs. After a minute, someone realized that he was the groom. But what is he doing here...he was supposed to be with his family at the venue.
Without wasting a second, I rushed out to save myself of the looks my Tayiji and Nani would give …I don’t know, what they thought..but I heard my Tayiji murmering..’
yeh yahan kya kar raha hai…yeh aaj kal ke munde..kudiyaan..raha nahi gaya hoga..dekhne aa gaya ..” ;)
And before I could derive something my cell phone tinkled...”
1 message received” -- was missing looked beautiful..:) love, Pravin”. I blushed and couldn’t hide my smile even infront of my beautician..who was desperately waiting for me..leaving her a challenge of grooming me in 20 mins :)


  1. yeh aaj kal ke munde..kudiyaan..raha nahi gaya hoga..dekhne aa gaya .

    Generzon gap...

    for everything else..there is mastercard.

    Nice writeup..

  2. yeah..Generation Gap..a huge one..Thanks for the comment..

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  4. "Do guys like blushing girl friends?"
    Well as far as I know, guys like girl friends, blushing or otherwise.. :D

    A very nice write up.
    Keep writing!

  5. heheh..guess ur moment finally came...wonder if he ever saw tht :P


  6. dunno bout others but i do like gals who blush at my compliments!

    one thing is for sure, you din need to apply anything else on your cheeks that day!



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