Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soulmate, Lover & Companion

People spend half of their lives searching for a soulmate. They find lovers and end up feeling lucky finding companions. They are three different terms with different roles and shelf lives. I know, Shelf life is too lifeless a word to be used for relationship. But, relationships can be easily categorized that way.

I don’t know which one is short lived or for a lifetime. There are 3 videos from my favorite soap, which are the most touching and make me even more confused about the three terms-

First Video is about Carrie’s life being sand-witched between ‘shoulda’ and ‘woulda’. Carrie shifted to Paris for her new boyfriend leaving her friends and job in NY, Later, when she feels lonely because of the busy schedules of her boyfriend - she is on a swing, ready to consider Mr. Big even after three painful break-ups with him.

Second Video is when after being heartbroken by Alexander at Paris. She finally believes the no-foul cry of love from Mr. Big and finally finds ‘the one’ for her.

Third video is about the unrealized love between Samantha and Smith. Samantha is too far from the soulmate talks and has materialistic feelings for Smith.

Smith on the other hand is in innocent and pure connection with Samantha.

Samantha is suffering from breast cancer. She is aware of the horrendous effects of the disease but unaware of Smith’s support for her.

The last one is the video which sings of the friendship saga of the fantastic four.

I have completed all the seasons of SATC and am left with the question which messes the three terms. What is more important looking for a soulmate, winning a lover or finding a company?


  1. Hmmm Cool Garima.. That is a good comparison to have if we get all three!!!.. But most of us dont!! .. I think the bottom line in every term is the need for love and affection. When you get unadulterated love from some one, we can transform that love into any one of the three depending upon our comfort in making a relationship with them!!


  2. That is the fastest reply I have got Garima.. Thanks for commenting on my blog..

    I have replied for your difficult question!!;)



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