Saturday, April 3, 2010

Power of 'Restart'

The idea of going crazy in the middle of the week is real fun only if there is no *conditions apply. I did the craziest thing on Thursday night - having a no-sleep; full-night time pass - all with myself.

Thursday was the busiest day this week lots of high issues and to-dos on the list. In such a horrendous situation, I really pray my clock sprints faster. I wished I could crash at that moment. Finally, not so fruitful but the day winded up as it would have been inhuman to myself and my husband to keep waiting for dinner later 10.The only relief was I didn’t have to do any home chores as my better half had already made a better plan for crashing at his friend’s house – it was an abrupt and assumingly approved plan. Reason- it was Easter next morning and a dear friend of his didn’t want to enter the 3 days moan unboozed ;) (I simply can’t beat guys; they have a million silly excuses for partying).

Anyways, I had a whole night to myself…initially I thought I would straightway hug my bed and sign off for the day. But, then on a weird thought I decided to be awake the whole night scrolling and clicking the mouse over the whole earth. I had in a way— ‘Restarted’ Thursday - differently- with no busy schedules and nothing in the to-dos- every minute at my command.

Till the time my husband was busy refreshing with Chivas Royale, I had refreshed living a second Thursday instead. He started Friday in a Friday night way (actually his way!) and I restarted the last day just to discover a new myself after a whole night of nothing.

Friday morning was a good start but I was lost in thinking of consequences of my last 6 hours adventure. I believe there are after-effects of everything and in this regard what happened was actually something. No sooner the question popped, my browser CRASHED!

Poor thing…it had an untiring schedule last night (my entire mistake—I ignored it for my selfish restart thing!!)

I squatted – dabbed- erased – copied – pasted - downloaded and played with all the settings to spin the Mozilla globe but in vain. My Mozilla had signed off for the day and it took along the Norton security as well. My lappy and I felt unsecured, lonely and shut down with no connectivity and security :(

I started for the Friday office with the obvious grin and concern. Because of a sleepless refreshed night and sleeping browser, I was lost in thoughts and then I got the big news. The internet had started working again and on more conversation I found that the browser too needed a ‘restart’ just like me.

I wondered on the power of ‘restart’…does it work for all tangibles/ intangibles like it did for me and my lappy? The experience helped me coin a footnote to be action-ed each time - ‘when things don’t go the way it should and all hopes are lost – It is advisable to RESTART’.


  1. well,.. I often get confused with if I need to restart or refresh.. weirdly my FB status on thursday also read the same.. keep rolling...

  2. Very true ....When in a big Mess better start again ..instead of making it more messier ...

  3. This goes on to prove the "back to the basics" theory...

    But ALL NIGHT LONG? How did you manage staying awake?


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