Saturday, February 20, 2010

Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar

Do you really want to vote again for, " who would be India's new national animal?" ?
I can't..!! No other animal can fill the space or match the majestic roar of our vanishing national animal.
Let's unite and raise a roar now to save the king rather than voting for a tentative candidate throughout the year.
National Animal is Nation's pride and identity.

Save Tigers, Save India's identity.

Join the Roar at:


  1. good work! we should all do out bit to save tigers :)

  2. I don't really understand how it is going to help the cause if I sign up there and put something like this on the blog!

    P.S. I am not really a pessimist. :)

  3. @Shruti -- Thanks!
    @justlikethat -- Thanks for dropping!
    Please visit , it shall elaborate you on the 'Project Tiger' undertaken by the government.The numbers decreased mostly-either because of the natural deaths or tiger poaching (worst that it is considered a royal sport).
    Join the roar would add another digit to the people who support the cause and have taken the pledge of not being one of those who poach the tigers in-spite of the knowledge that they are decreasing a number from the tiger population. Anyways, India is a democratic country-every vote counts :). So, lets be optimistic and do our bit.


  4. Okay, I don't want to type everything myself so just Googled about it and this is what I got:




    And why no anon comments? Too boring to login to my Wordpress account...


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