Monday, February 1, 2010

13 Things that are ours.

Anonymous documentary amazed me of the country I am born in. There are 13 inventions which were already born in ancient India before it created furor all over the world.

Jantar Mantar’s Sun dial is not a joke even after we had a concept of time being a continuous cycle of birth and rebirth. If water clock could judge the motion of the earth, Maurya dynasty gave us the concept of perpetual machines. How amazing could be the concept of weaving 45 yards of Indian culture on a non-perpetual machine delivering a basic necessity ‘Kapda’ from cotton plantation. We already had the Madame Tussauds born from the Indian art of sculpting which dates back to 16th Century. Who can forget the bronze dancing girl in our History books? The method of making bronze statues using wax is till an amazing chemistry. Wax replica were modeled and covered with clay followed by heating in the furnace allowing wax to melt down leaving a cavity. Later, the molten Bronze is poured over to get a live brazen Gandhi cocked out of clay.

Woody iron is the Indian stainless, standing high in Sarnath. Commendable science of carbonated iron came from jungles in India. A little bit of wrought iron and the wood when burnt in a kiln, gave birth to a simple yet revolutionary Indian innovation of non-rusty metal.

Loads of international beauties would have saved bucks only if they would have dug the Indian history. Yoga and Chiruta’s cosmetic surgery were born in India. Health and beauty lied in the religious roots of the country, unadvertised flourishing in the jungles. Indian culture always aims at health and spirituality. That is the reason we never had let small pox finish our community. Flushing away the ills in the first commode drainage found from Dholavira excavation, we have set a seat for millions of bipeds to relieve every morning.

Zero, which changed the face of mathematics, was also on our invention card. Being the arena of warfare and kingdoms, we have always scored a plus zero be it in global canvas or on the chequered canvas of ‘Shatranj’.

Wonderful concepts of physics were born in the religious roots of India. It is the Indian philosophy which does not make us good marketers. The inventions were totally a different scope of work, it aimed at necessity rather than prosperity.

India has the achievement of being a ‘Zero se Hero’ with the discovery of revolutionary nothing to ticking the world with a sinking bowl.

Proud to be an Indian!

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  1. Yes! Proud to be an Indian. A well conceptualized and thought out piece. Keep it up!


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