Thursday, February 18, 2010

Luck out of a chicken wing!

I had a few inceptions which made me believe that I am a blessed child of Arden. It is recently that the spell broke and I was rejected an opportunity. Anyways, that is not more important than the story of my lady luck shining. I have a habit of putting conditions on events and then taking the decision on whatever the consequence is. For say, I have a deadline in an hour and I don’t have an intuition. I shall put a condition, if I get a call from a customer care in this one hour; I shall make it else not. Or even worse, if I make it to this deadline, I shall make it in my next interview as well. Funny yes—but riskier too!

I have made payments, filled forms, applied for different opportunities, made critical decisions just like this…it worked mostly.

11th Feb. had a significance this year—first, it was 3 days prior to the big V day; second, TGIF; third, I left early for home; fourth, I did not went home empty handed but had the advertisement of a new chicken outlet in the city ‘ Texas Chicken’.

It was a well folded airplane in our bay which landed in my handbag and to my husband’s face finally. No sooner that he saw, the lip smacking chicken wings on the glazed airplane he felt like ordering one. We are from KFC clan basically, but the font of this new eating joint ad resembled an anonymous but mysterious white castle burger outlet on some far away US highway. Though, the franchisee is actually from Texas, Dallas but the first one in Hyderabad. In a skeptical vein, I called on the delivery number ordering 4 chicken wings. The guy on the other side was obliged to take an order but compromising to deliver only if we make the order of at least 250 bucks. We settled on an order of 270 bucks.

I was scanning through the menu that I saw some flashy offers on the ad—“ a romantic dinner for 2 at a 5-star hotel on the 14th Feb” , “ win your valentine a dessert with the combo meal” and “ win the movie tickets on the min order of 500 bucks”. I was ruled out for the last two offers because of limited budgets and first one sounded too dreamy to me.

“How can they make a dinner “romantic” yar?” I said. “Romantic is not a noun, it is an adjective. Romantic just can’t happen with 2 humans dining with a candle on the table and a power cut :)” , I mocked. Since, I had no plans for this v day because of the high credit limit; I dropped an entry for this offer. The participation was looking for a write up of 250 words about love and the best valentine gift, you have received yet. It was easy of course with the delicious chicken wing in one hand and pen in the other ;)

Second and third day before the v day did not go much well between us. It was because we both found each other too low in response to the v day plans. Eight hours of no talking on the v day and my cell buzzed at 5.30 in the evening. I missed it for the first time, as I was sleeping. I got it the second time and viola!! It was a call from Texas Chicken informing me that I have won the so called “romantic dinner” at Novotel. My husband was wandering in our 2 BHK, when I gave him signals that we were not supposed to waste the important day sleeping and watching TV but we deserved better like a dinner at 5-star hotel. It was in no time that we exchanged a laugh and got ready like a perfect couple heading to the 5-star hotel for free food and a “romantic” dinner, of course!


  1. Now that is one LUCK... even I would be jealous about.

  2. Hey ... congrats !!! I'm sure that made your V day all the more special... I'd like to read the winning entry that got you the prize as well ... :)

    See, sometimes not planning anything has it's own rewards .. hehehe... Check out my experience this V day at

  3. ps - I LOVE Texas Chicken too... :D

  4. @Arindam - Thankfully you are convinced :P

    @Adisha- Thanks for the comment Adisha.Yes, actually it did make my V-Day unexpectedly special. More than that it helped in not breaking the record of doing 'something' on V-Day.
    It was a hand written entry--would surely publish it .
    And yes, after winning--even I have started loving it ;)
    No doubt the chicken was good too.


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