Friday, March 19, 2010

Four friends a girl must have!

“It’s been a month that I had nibbed, crashed, boozed, gluttoned….instead the last month was an absolute crib and skull bones dig. What and how much it takes to come over the rejections and the disheartening hullabaloo? A night-out, vomit-all-out session with your boyfriend, a vacation from the work or just a small gossip session with the girls:)

The big question had turned me from ‘confused’ to ‘Confucius’ and in a month I ended up in serendipity of realizing what I need now. The magical potion was right in the corner of my lappy’s brain and I was searching for it everywhere.

To confess, I owe to the mind behind the four amazing characters in the soap called ‘Sex and the City’. I am a big fan of the soap though it is just now that I realized the magical side of it. SATC is one of the blasting inspirational boost for every girl. A word of caution though! You might need to reconstruct the thinking lane to widen a little more, to let pass the concept :)

If I analyze the story in a way to help ease, the hundreds and thousands of pink brains struggling with the same situation as mine, I shall not say it is about four single friends but it is about four personalities traversing a long way together to conquer the big bad world of ado.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha alphabetically, that’s because I love them all, are the four centre characters. They are the four must-have personalities that the girl must be surrounded with whenever in depression. I mean fashion & relationships; work & motherhood; love & marriage and sex & guy-get-over are the areas a girl might occasionally seek counseling in.

The hour-long coffee breaks, harmless gossip sessions and limitless shopping can pump your adrenaline levels to get over the depression wall. We just need to pick a right device or a right company I must say, depending on the phase we are passing through.

I shall detail on the four angels who can club a full package to burst free any situation-

First angel is ‘Carrie Bradshaw’, she will be the one who will work you out on the most difficult decisions like What to wear, what not to wear? Where to bump your head, where not to? Got stuck in a relation, feel like a difficult chewing gum—run and shun or crib with a bib? ‘Carrie’ type girls make the most adorable and needed lifestyle friend for a girl. Her company is most craved for on the frequent basis. Better she be an available and genial person, else you might land up in an endless loop of troubles. Not to miss out, apart from the lovely foursome, a gay friend in the life just like Carrie had Stanford Blatch who gave classy girl advices; brings an assurance that you have a harmless man to party with. An entirely exquisite experience of being with a man but minus the unfeminine oddly masculinity.

Then comes, ‘Charlotte York’, I understand girls are the most apprehensive to fall for and vice-versa they too easily fall for. Charlotte is one character who is an Indianite New Yorker. She believes in love, marriage and happy ever after fairy tales. After a manly face away in the office and out, she can give that soft and tender girly feel. Atleast once in a week, you get a feel you are the fairer sex (just to elaborate fairer but not weaker). She firmly believes that a girl needs a man to complete her life. Please don’t catch up with charlotte if you are having an ultra feminist mood swings. You might end up apologizing to the lovely lady for the rest of the day.

‘Miranda Hobbes’ is the hybrid of all the characters. She is strong, subtle, affable, feminine, intelligent, motherly, wifely and confused J She is a single mother, sorry Single working mother capable to handle work, kid and as well enjoy the single women boons. She is a commendable advisor except for when it comes to issues like love and marriage where even she seeks for Charlotte. She is a responsibility manager at all fronts. Her experience bag can get you out of all the legal and illegal troubles. Only caution- she is allergic to the soft craps, so don't let your lovey-dovey girl out. She can be a best phone friend and better counted for opinions.

Ah, this is the most true but bitter ‘Samantha Jones’, spit her or digest her she is always there—inevitable and insatiable. It is impossible to let her hair loose because she already looses it before you think she should. But to note for her own reasons and whatever happens then is on her terms. No dominations for her Atleast! She gets hurt once in four seasons and comes over the pain in the very season itself. She is aware of anything and everything that is important to boost ‘She’self and ‘He’self ;) She is the most carefree girl in town, takes pride in whatever she does or wears or even thinks. Samantha is a road smart girl, if you find her you shall not lose her, if you didn’t it is your luck-- be ready the grapes might taste sour in 90 ‘o’ 100 times might be.

The fantastic four will be the amazing company for any girl, when together it can be for fun or gossip or for sharing a crib story but with no conclusions. Solutions are not expected when in the group because the diverse personalities could strike debates, better have all around but dial a right number when in trouble.

The foursome can be helping elfs only if you can find them to be a part of your girl’s gang. If you did…I must say,

Who cares then if you don’t have a boyfriend ;) ?


  1. Hey..Nice write up although its about girls ..but still kinda like it :)

  2. You have brought out a super-duper review with your amazing command over the language! I loved it!


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