Sunday, January 10, 2010

Diamonds are forever!!

I believe everything on earth comes with an expiry date. Fortunately, most of the commercialized ones have a shelf-life tag to identify the burial ceremony. As long as I can see the scientifically tested date, I am not bothered exception being the food I cook :) Who would be a better person than myself to tell that my culinary products expires the moment it feels the palate of the victims? (I am NOT serious Mind it!!).
Keeping aside the obvious, talking of the foreseen like machines will have a determined life depending on the way it is used. There is an optimum course to be followed for an optimum shelf period. More usage is not always lesser life, but a non-efficient usage does decide the factors. Stagnancy is death- another anomaly which stands parallel to the theory behind the machines. On one side where kinetics reduce the life other side high potential and no kinetic conversion is a factor leading to extinction. The best example could be humans and fruits. An apple is better off eaten than refrigerated, similarly as humans are the best working. The life of an apple is unpredictable till it is plucked from the tree; similarly lifestyle of the natal decides its demise only after the umbilical cord is cut.
Another aspect is complementary and approximately virtual like ‘man’ and ‘woman’, ‘diamonds’ and ‘girl’, ‘salt’ and ‘soup’ et al. The terms are complementary; they hold no significance without each other. It will not end the life but deteriorate the rest of life, if isolated. So, considering this; if Diamonds are for-ever for girls, it is just a lifeless stone otherwise.
Tagged, non-tagged, standalone, connected are the four possible categories of absolutes on earth; I am aware of, for which there is a determinable shelf life.
Giving a thought, if there is a shelf life for all the absolutes; does love age or love isn’t an absolute yet?
It is on us to shape this diamond for our lives to make it last ‘forever’.


  1. Delightful post:)

    I agree with you on the last part that finally, it is ONLY and ONLY dependent on us how we move ahead in life...and here it's about the choices we make and decide whether you go with your heart or brain...

  2. Our way of looking at 'things' decide everything. very nice post :)


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