Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tuna sandwich

"I came across an Indian style tuna sandwich recipe some days back. I am going to share mine with some more variations which would be good for a high protein meal for kids and adults.

First variation is pickled tuna sandwich, for this we need 2 tbsp of pickle oil (I used mango pickle), quarter can of drained tuna (I used light tuna chunks in brine), a quarter red onion chopped and 1 tbsp. of low fat mayo (optional).
In a bowl, drained tuna and pickle oil are to be mixed and rested for 5 min. Meanwhile, the whole wheat or any kind bread can either be dry toasted or butter toasted on the skillet. Mayo has to spread on the toasts (optional) and set aside.
Then onions have to be mixed with the pickled oil-tuna mix. The final mixture has to be spread on toast and covered with another slice. Viola!! you have a desi tuna sandwich ready :)

 Second variation is for kids - tomato tuna sandwich, mix in 2 tbsp. of low fat mayo with quarter can drained tuna and chopped tomato. Butter toast the bread slices and spread the mixture between the slices and cut it in half. Serve with tomato ketchup for a yummy snack :)

Third and final variation in my list is for breakfast, its a high protein tuna sandwich - beat one whole egg with quarter can drained tuna and a vegetable of your choice (I tried with tomato and onion). Pour it on the hot skillet smeared with little oil (sprayed or brushed). Make a patty omelette of size good to fit on the toast. Spread low fat mayo on toast and place the omelette between the slices.
Put the assembled sandwich on the preheated skillet and toast the sides of sandwich till brown.
Serve it with dip of your choice or as is with a cup of black coffee :)

p.s. I didn't add salt in any of the above variations as tuna will be salty because of the brine.

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