Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sally Hansen french manicure

"I was a big fan of nail paints before marriage, name a colour and I had already tried it. Later, with hectic schedules and baby - my choices got more sophisticated and I preferred to have at least clean tips, if not anything jazzy. Since then, I am a French manicure lover - its simple, clean and workable do.
I used a white and a beige nail paint for a French manicure for quite long time. I agree the brushes need a little art and is difficult to put on the right hand.

 I came across a not-so-pricey ($5) product in Drug mart known as a felt tip French manicure pen from Sally Hansen and just the idea of it wowed me as it would definitely be quick, would not require ambidexterity and a simple skill drawing a line :)

Here goes my first impression on this pen. The packaging is simple, pen is sleek and handy.

 The instructions are clear, a little tapping on a surface would get the ink flowing to the tip within seconds. Its easy and intense application with lean chances of mistake. The coat dries off quickly saving time and any chances of smudging.

I finished it with Revlon multicare base+top coat enamel which is also decent enough for the brand.

Overall, I loved this buy and would definitely find an alternative in India, if not -  this is going with me in bulk ;)


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