Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Canada Vanada

 "Hi World!

There has always been a trend of using a 'starting from the scratch' (as if it would erase or rectify the bygones) tool, if something is uncontrollably erred. But, I have adopted a new perspective called 'Revival' lately - hence forgiving myself for the long break of no posts, here I go reviving 'Touche' with my latest experiences.
Starting with the big updates on my life, bulleted as -

1. I have left my home country in March 2014 and tagged on to explore the world abroad.
2. On lieu of the first update, I am currently 'Jobless' (not workless mind it!)
3. Following the second big update, I am now a fully saksham (efficient) home maker.
4. Adding to the mentioned big changes, I am on the journey to adopt or relieve myself of some good and bad habits (courtesy- Canada).

I tried to be economically useful from the last couple of months, but when I found the horizons are not too wide for me - I determined to be personally useful. How? I shall be writing on the things I feel, I should have done way back but I did it now...or...the habits I have been trapped in now which I think would make me suffer when I return etc etc. :(
With all said now, I am geared up for the subsequent posts on my Canada Vanada life :)

See you, take care till then eat healthy - live healthy !!

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