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Diary- December 25, 2009

“Every city has a story to tell. Every animal has a story to tell. Every social animal has a story to tell. Everything has a story to tell. With a natal year on the way, We all have stories to tell so that we start a new year with nothing unspoken.

Andhra…errr…Telengana!!! My city has also a very confusing story to narrate. My work state has got into an identity crisis. Though, born half a century back, Andhra is still in a fix to decide on its Namakaran ceremony. Andhra is a forerunner in the literacy race in the country. But, the deadlock created by the dear Andhraites made the world doubt the fact.

Tied in the political dilemma, the mother of state could not do a baby sitting properly when baby KCR created tantrums by refusing to have his cerelac. Babies cry- a fact, babies demand- a fact, it is babies’ very innate nature- a fact, I understand that, infact many of us understand that. But the point is why this is still an undeterred fact for the Congress. Did the Andhra crib shrink to accommodate the twins or the babies are now big to get into different beds now?

Moving the focus, the month brought tremendous luck to me instead. I would not say that I really want the month to repeat itself as it would be wickedly selfish on my part. But yes I really wished to end the year with royalty. As with my company hitting a bad crisis, lifestyle was something first to catch the flu.

With an unbeatable temptation of sumptuous meal with wine, my mom managed to get us book a trip to home for New Year celebrations. My excitement was blithering with my no reason smiles and lower efficiency at work :)

A daily discussion on the plans for celebrations was always on my lists. Tensions and unannounced shut downs in the city didn’t touch pass my plans for shopping. Little planning here and there, the last installment shopping is done.

The bags are packed for a long trip to excitement and amazing food.

I shall break the nib as this is all in my story for the year end and would actually like to hear,what is yours?

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