Tuesday, January 16, 2007

OOps! was that me??????

Life always moulds us in its own absurd style (absurd as I call it!! ) because we rarely understand it :( ... and its futile to reason for that matter. In the unending run for happiness..we seldom get time to feedback our past..we garbage our mind with wat we call frustations...we have so many stories to tell its just that we run short of a tic..


  1. Hmmm...Life cannot mould you its you who wants to be moulded...coz u always search for ease...if this way is easy..then ill change to it if thts easy ill change to that.....and time is always continious traveller.....no one can blame time...it has a constant speed....so my dear jo gaya wo gaya....always run with time neither past nor future...if u make ur present happy...then automatically....nxt day ur past will be happy...nd if u again come back to today...then ur future will be happy.....so its the present who makes past nd future....

  2. hey post more topics....b regular..


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