Monday, January 8, 2007

Waiting for the end....

Phew!! I think a tough attempt to float the bitter reality of life in plain terms!!--Ya--I agree tht we always look for an end tht too a rosy one-- for every task we start wid--When I ws in school, I always thought my education ll end after I pass my boards--when I got an Alumni Title--struggle even increased.Firstly,Because my conception about life after school proved to be a myth and secondly, I got to realise that there is something called 'career' which is to be made,before that rosy end is met ( :-) So,I jumped into the arena where my opponents were none but my old school friends ( or fiends!!) --my fat mathematics and science books...ya!!CET is the term given to the nut, I was desperately trying to crack--I,somehow cracked the nut and became an Engineer. Life seemed beautiful, after I got my degree..and for the first time, I got a feel of acheiving something..out of my efforts(Thanks to the CUT-Copy-PASTE tool) . Since,every good thing has got to life seemed tougher, when I found there is something like 'money' which is the ultimate goal (:-)--my struggle began --I managed to get a job--I was happy, because I was nearer to my rosy end--I found that I was still struggling for fame--promotions-- transitions--but this time my opponent was the person, I daily faced in the mirror--The end didnt exist!! I was getting submissive day by day.. struggle got my frustation levels higher...
I almost concluded that frustation is the end...
Till I found a loop to get over-- I reasoned everything--
I found there is a reason for everything and to be a winner..I should never lose the reason for certain things.

why cant struggle be the start for every good thing rather than being the way??
why cant I use the rules to make my life easier rather allowing them making me submissive?????
Why cant I decide the end rather than waiting for the time to decide it for me???

I tried it--I assured my acts never violate the rules..that became a checkpoint for me..which would have been a breakpoint, if I would'nt have realised it!!
--you might very well be aware of the quote tht u need to be in the system to change it--and believe me its fun struggling with the constraints to resolve the constraints!!
--All The Best Friends!!


  1. Hey....for this there is only one line comment....End is Peace....Once you achived it there is nothing more to explore...

    So Run For Peace....My dear its Pursuit of Happiness......Ull not get it by making own rules or can achive it only by running after it....just try try nd rules no regulations....only thing in mind should be is it making me completly happy?? i getting Peace...??

  2. introspection and retrospection...
    Its fun to do that.


    I am gonna read all your posts.


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