Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Dont talk to the STRANGERS.

Have you ever talked to a stranger for more than you talked to your mom last week?
Ever given a thought why you did so...infact how you managed to do so..?

you shared every bit of crap with him/her,which you will never ever share with your close ones even??
I tried to think....and I concluded that actually its always easier to confide in a stranger...
Taking for instance, when you are on some travel esp. a long one and that too alone...
what will you do to kill time????
Read some book...listen to your fav music....eat;)....peep out ( worse if the panes are tinted!!)
and the most preferred resort is chatting with your fellow passengers..
you always do that..isnt?
Just spare a second and recall the chat on your last travel..
you will be surprised that you shared something, which you will definitely not tell your close friends or your mom..for that matter.
Despite of the fact, that the guy didnt even know who you are?-- he definitely came to know that you will oppose the upcoming offer in the office, if some enemy of yours say Rakesh supports it..or say you will try on some collegue of yours this weekend..lucky if you win the date etc..etc..
The point to be noted is that you are not at all bothered about what you spoke to that stranger because you know he/she will get down on the next station....then who cares??

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  1. Its not that way.....You teel ur secret or somting special to a stranger not bcoz he/she will get down on next station.....you tell these things to only those whome u want to care for you......coz u already know tht the one who is ur relative or frnd already cares for you......but human social bhookh is too big....you want the whole world should care for you....nd my dear this is called socialism...


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