Tuesday, June 12, 2012

9 months update

"Last time I posted on the blog, was at my 7 months of pregnancy and now after 9 months, I should have so much to talk about but poops :) Life changed upside down after having a baby...hmmm!
For a quick update what happened in last 9 months goes like I had a beautiful pregnancy no nausea no aversions. I had a complicated delivery with a dry labor ending in a caesarean (phew!) which again ended beautifully with Saachi joining our family. All pains were left behind and was tooooo busy in taking care of the little angel, from feeding to bathing and massaging her and even having trips to all the relatives as an intro to the family for little Saachi. The world seemed all around Saachi, I swear! If I didn't mention, I appreciate myself for the rigorous research done on how-to of baby care through out my pregnancy (Thanks to babycenter and my Hospital). All the reading well paid with Saachi achieving her milestones. She started rolling on her tummy as a mother's day gift to me and will hopefully gift her dad on Father's day with sitting (Touchwood!).
Saachi @3months

Saachi is 6 months now and is growing lovelier day by day. Sorry..lovelier and maturer, she weaned off the breasts now and gave mumma her old freedom of partying finally (muaah.. :*). I started with Nan pro yesterday with skepticism that she will reject it but the morning gifted me a big black poop of yesterday's feed and even a hungrier girl in house :) We have a colorful and tastier eating palette now with reds, yellows and greens for Saachi.
Happy mom now, will keep posting!
Ciao :)


  1. having a baby is a lifelong project!!...
    happy journey to you!!!


  2. Congrats! Watching kids grow is a wonderful experience!

    1. @Vrijilesh - Thanks for the wishes! True..its a pleasure you won't like to miss ever :)

  3. बहुत दिनों बाद आपने कोई अपडेट किया है ब्लॉग में.
    बहुत बहुत शुभकामनायें माँ बनने पर...
    वैसे गरिमा जी, पता नहीं आप मुझे पहचान रही हैं या नहीं...
    इस पोस्ट पर जाईये तो कुछ याद आए आपको..
    आपका जिक्र किया है मैंने! :)

    1. Thanks Abhi for visiting the blog!
      Its a pleasure revisiting your blog and felt wonderful to find myself mentioned on your page :)

  4. Hi, Congrats Garima, I have an eight month baby too. I have mixed emotions every single day about my little girl. I can be all happy that my baby is so beautiful and growing so well and then all upset that my responsibility as a mother will never end now. And life has changed 360 degrees and will never ever be the same carefree girl that I was earlier. Do you feel the same?


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