Thursday, October 13, 2011

Divide your eggs

“Lately I had a philosophical realization on relationships. I was baffled by the fact that the relationship one cannot live without can actually be the one, the other person can easily let go of. The realization dumped my understanding on relations and made me more manipulative on human nature. I tried searching for an answer in religious texts and spiritual lectures but this is something above the generic phenomenon. Not all the relationships are same, the connection between two people can vary despite the same genre.
I have seen, read and experienced ; people getting carried away and never returning, rising and attaining karmic connection and even staying without attaining the level in relationships.
When I could not find an answer in spiritual terms, I derived a mathematical hypothesis to reason this. Balance is the key for happy and durable living and not only does this hold for day to day actions but also for structuring our identification tree. The right placement of branches in a way of relationships is important for a stable tree.
I compare and solve the mystery using basket and eggs problem. I have many baskets to be filled with limited number of eggs I have. Basket is synonymous to relationships and eggs is the part of you dedicated to that relation. As we move on in life, the number of baskets and eggs vary but for happy living there should be a calculative distribution of eggs.
Any imbalance can lead to losing the eggs that is the greater part of you - leaving you lone and aimless. This explains how some people get carried away in a relation and other easily let go of the same. Reason, the one who got carried away placed all their eggs in one basket and hence unbalancing and risking their emotional self but happy are the people who play safe ;despite losing on the temporary satisfaction in one relation – are never lone as they always have some eggs saved in the other basket.

Moral is – Never place all your eggs in one relationship basket and always have quarter of it saved in the basket which connects to yourself. Everything is prone to change except for the connection one has with themselves. It is important to respect yourself and pamper your soul with the reserved dedication, as that's what will stay till the grave.

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  1. I have been going through similar realizations for the last several months, and I found a great deal of encouragement from this post which I stumbled upon from a bloggers network. I recently tried to put down my thoughts on this in a post, and felt that your readers may benefit from it.


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