Thursday, March 3, 2011

My second day of driving lesson

“Feel like a happy girl - couldn’t go for a second class on Wednesday but had enough of “in air” driving to compensate that :)
I had the second day of driving lesson today which started in the morning with my hubby taking a small test to see what I learnt on the first day. Hands-on demo for him as he had enough of the car driving mimes on Wednesday from me.
I drove for half-n-hour in the premises, considering the residential factor didn’t go beyond the second gear. Morning session ended with an appreciation from him, for the unexpected confidence exhibited on the second day itself.

My instructor came in the afternoon with one of his student. The student was three days old to the driving school and was having lots from the ireful instructor. I was afraid; if the frustration didn’t subside till my turn comes I would have a hard time today. The instructor lulled after making me take a U-Turn and a wrong lane due to the diversion. Don’t know how well to start with, but definitely scary :) Later, continued to drive on the highway and landed in the curvy residential lanes. I had an all-terrain drive today with lots of braking. I crossed two caution-school areas and switched gears from first to fourth. The aim was to understand the importance of maintaining safe distance and braking impulsively.
No questions entertained on braking today, press the clutch or not – baseline is to save the kid crossing the lane than judging the dynamics of the car (full-stop).
Session ended with again a comparative appreciation from the instructor this time - for being a better driver than his other student on the second day. Looking forward to work on control and better judgment now!



  1. Reading your story i remember days when my Father was learning driving, he left it in between because the instructor was too strict.
    First time to your Blog i guess, nice writing.

  2. Thanks Abhishek!
    Yes, it matters the most to overcome the fear of driving because half of your confidence would be eaten up by an exacting instructor. Thank God, whatever reason, the instructor is mild to me - guarantees I would not drop in mid :)

  3. I also joined driving school but then could never really go because of work (read laziness). Guess I should finally take my ass there!


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