Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cooker Cookies

“Another day of experimentation; this time for the urge to finish off the homemade ghee prepared by my mom-in-law, a couple of months back. With the growing health consciousness; it is a challenge to have the old belly builders – ghee and butter especially as a garnish on parathas or rice. That’s how an opportunity is built for another achievement on the ‘tried’ cookbook. I always wanted to make biscuits as my mom but unfortunately could never do that because of my unconventional microwave :( Recently, while checking one of the blogs on cooking – Simply Spicy I saw the cookies – creamy yellow biscuits yummy…couldn’t hold trying them in my old friend – pressure cooker :) No doubt, the one in the link were straight from the expert’s hands but I think the variation would satisfy the learner’s quest!
Here it goes, I used -
3/4th cup All-purpose flour (Maida)
½ cup melted ghee
½ cup ungrounded sugar
Few cashews and almonds

I started with mixing up flour, ghee and grounded sugar and making dough. I added some flour while kneading to achieve the consistency which is soft yet binding. Once the dough is ready, I kept the salt layered cooker (as in my previous post for chocolate cake) with closed lid without weights for about 5 min. This would preheat the cooker making it ready for baking. I made small flattened discs of the dough placing a cashew or almond in the middle of it. The discs are to be placed in the tin maintaining some distance among them. The tin doesn’t require greasing plus the cookie would inflate a little hence the distance between the two is must.
Place the tin in the cooker and keep it on medium-slow flame for 10-15 min. If the cooker is preheated well for 5 min, around12 min would be sufficient. The discs would still be soft when the lid is opened, here is the note – I too got worried concluding it to be a failed attempt but after 5 min when I thought of tasting it – viola! It solidified on cooling and tasted awesome. I tried in two batches, first one with cashews were a bit over baked (15 min) but the second one with almonds, kept for a little lesser time (12mins) were liked more as they were more crunchy and melting like nankhatai.

Finally, invert the tin on a plate and store the cookies in a tissue paper layered air tight container. Serve it to your loved ones just to have the hidden appreciation in non-stop cookie picking :)


  1. Good to see you had a sucess doing it in the cooker.Yet to try baking in cooker.

  2. What a simple looking recipe with delicious looking results. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog and I'd like to invite you to stop by and link your cookies up.

  3. @Pravs - Thanks :) Surely to be given a try, more because it would keep you going even if the microwave blows-off!

  4. @Lisa- yes easy and aromatic :) Linked up on your page, Thanks!!

  5. Hi garima i hav never thought that baking wud be so easy.. That too ur cooker bakings are simply awesome.. Jus having a doubt.. I do not have the tin can it be replaced by a silver plate that fits in the cooker..

  6. @Elakiya - Even I thought so after many of my failed attempts in the oven (I don't have a convection one!). But cooker baking turned out to be easier and aromatic. Yes you can use plate for cookies not for cake though. Just make sure, you have a good layer of salt/sand at the base to prevent burning.

  7. The cookies looks lovely and super easy:) did u use baking powder or baking soda? Or is it because you hav mentioned all purpose flour?Should I add them if I try with plain Maida?waiting for your reply!cant wait to try them!!

  8. The cookies looks lovely snd super easy :) Did u add baking powder or soda?Or is it because you used All purpose flour?If using plain flour should we use them??Hope you reply soon.Cant wait to make them!!

  9. @Nimmy, Thanks for dropping on my page. I didn't use baking powder/soda, its only maida (all-purpose flour). I am not sure about whole wheat, yet to try.


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