Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Phases of Getting..LOVED!

I had no intention to publish this write up..till the moment, I realised some 60% of the females need my experience to prevent any of the juxtaposed situations they could create to amaze themselves up ;). If you could quantify the risk 'm undertaking now which counts some nasty expressions of my boyfriend (don't mind hh..love u) and overly inevitable hits to my blog on presumption of some search engine on LOVE,SEX..phases..and blah...blah.
Its well written than said that Love is a journey..but I would like to edit and rather say getting loved is a journey :O
Hold Hold Ladies!! you(excluding the experienced gals, you might have already won the battle, I assume ;> ) will realise that..

Lets start with PHASE I; it is the most beautiful phase of getting loved..thats because you are not aware of it!

They are the days when you pluck the petals to take the most riskiest decisions of life, your world is mostly in reds and pinks, the efficiency at work is as crested as the share price of my company..

Phase II, is the time when you become self dependent to decide atleast your dating spot..there is lesser of DOs and DON'Ts but a feel of freedom together..to note the guy is still a phase back to when he is indifferent to whatever happens around him.

Phase III, the time when you are over confident to conquer the whole world betting on the confidence; your guy holds in you.. This is the best time to fight/convince/negotiate with your family for granting a NOC to your guy.

Phase IV..is the one when you are the part of someone's life to the extent that you are indifferent to him.

Now, if you think it is the fault of the guy,,then a small correction please..poor guy has a null idea on why aren't you talking to him...

So, to summarise; Ladies kindly accept the facts that-

1. Phases are irreversible.

2. Phases can neither be created nor destroyed; they are as inevitable as our age.

3. and lastly, Phases can NEVER be transformed from one to four without any loss of peace.

N.B. Write up doesn't point to the dedication of your guy,you can still feel the shimmer in his eyes when you cry :))


  1. Loved this post and the simple way you phased love.Keep writing.

  2. that was well phased.
    keep em commin!


  3. interesting piece. might be true :P


  4. I agree with Chris. This was interesting, but how much of it is true? I've never experienced love like this, actually, and don't know if I ever will!

  5. I have lived the full cycle of getting loved..I fell for someone..liked the company..thought of companionship..society glitches and now 'm married and a indistinguishable part of his..
    It really depends how you take love in your life..Its a analysis of how I interpret it.

    Keep Dropping guys!
    Enjoy :)

  6. pata nahi yaar.Never experienced all these things


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