Friday, September 5, 2008

Way In Clouds...ah Unbelievable!!

"This is quiet an old post, publishing it for the sake of keeping record.
It is my travelling experience to Mahabaleshwar recently.What happened after I reached there is just regular on any travel blog. I am not sharing the lodging and travelling bit.
Actually, might be for Mumbaites or Puneites this wont be a big thing to be discussed about..
as they are very much use to booking holiday homes in Mahabaleshwar on weekends and enjoying the bliss of being in clouds!!
Considering a case as I have never smelled the air of Maharashtra before, though its being the most happening states in India..
It was pretty exciting for me to have planned a trip to Mahabaleshwar (should say Maharashtra actually for two reasons-
First being I have never been to a hill station after I got my cerebrum working smart..
Second being my recent engagement to a Maharashtrian guy :) which made me even more curious about everything and anything about Maharashtra.. ( sounds kiddish..I know!)
It happened long back, when I happened to block a company holiday home in Mahabaleshwar that too out of a revenge to all Pune associates who had a bad habit of blocking the homes for almost all the weekends throughout the year.
Luckily after 3 months I realised that the day for my trip is just 5 days ahead.
And believe me it was a big time struggle to steal 3 days off and escape from pangs of my RM :P

I and my Maharastrian guy ( it would be appropriate to call him my very knowledgeable 'Guide' supposedly he has spent many weekends biking on Mahabaleshwar roads during his college days in Pune) left on Saturday afternoon from Hyderabad on a managed-some-how intercity bus to Pune.
Actually, it may sound funny but I was so excited to travel in an intercity bus for the first time (I am a train person), to add there were some Hindi movies playing in the bus ( Good to hear Hindi after a long time ) plus me being a food buff was even excited about the night dhabas on our way :P
After a cold and dreamy night in the bus, we reached Pune in the early morning around 5:30 am.
Thereon we had plans of catching a local bus to Mahabaleshwar and be there by 10:00AM possibly.
I had much of Pune Darshan on my way to Swargate in auto, credit goes to but obvious my V.K. Guide, who was more nostalgic to see the same roads which I thought looked deteriorated.
By 6.30 we managed to catch a bus to Mahabaleshwar, fortunately we got space in back seats but sadly were aware of the bumpy ride ahead. Well, loved the bumpy ride and wada pav on the way and the destination was no exception. We had wada pav, missal , jhunka bhakar on the road side thelas;  inspite rain and fog. We walked down to our resort as no local tempo would give us lift (monopoly against visitors) - good for us we saved bucks on taxi, had workout after so much eating and not to mention we loved each others company walking together on the woody way :)
Its true, its not the place or circumstances but the company matters !
Ciao :)

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