Monday, September 17, 2007


Few days back..I was reading my Mentor's blog..Mentor because he taught me which would have taken years for me to implement..i.e.being politically correct..
The blog was good in a talked of big terms..the managerial stuff as I call it!!
I felt it to be inspirational till the date, I am a free bird..I think practicing the big words like professionalism, leadership, your own independent world is no big deal, but to make it happen with the people around you is a bingo!!
I am talking of teamwork ofcourse..Its futile being professional in your own terms..because it will just leave you a slogger than a winner...but if you can survive the discouraging unprofessional elements around you and still make the world go your way..nothing better than that..lets work it..and see whats in hold for us..


  1. so the sypnosis of the article is
    it's easier said than done...isn't it?

  2. survival of the fittest that is.

    Hey! nice layout!



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