Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spot on Baby!

"Its been 6 months since I posted anything in the space. Laziness, thoughtlessness whatever reason :)
Lately, I have been meeting couples married by an arrangement for less than an year. Well, nothing special just they all had a baby in the same year. That's what got my mind boggling, on how???
I feel marriage is a big change in ones life - could be a shock which takes not less than a couple of years to ingest. And having a baby is even a heavier dose which drains not in lifetime.
It took me 4 years to spot on the man I would bear my child with, which really isn't a long enough time but I am a lucky chicken.
Kids are the most beautiful things on the earth and cherishing them with a partner is the most wonderful experience. I understand its lucky if you spot on the right partner from an arranged marriage and luckier if you fall in love with him in coming years. What leaves me appalled is - how can you spot on a right father from an arranged marriage. Does this double leap any good or is it just a trend to save time ?

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