Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Got Inked!

“A long cherished wish of getting a tattoo came true last weekend. I grabbed a deal for a smaller one though but happy having a new addition to my body :) After investing much thought on what to needle on, the considerable options were initials, zodiac, angel and a cryptic symbol. Last dream settled me on a symbol of strength which would be like an inspiration for me to be strong and courageous for any hardships in my life. If not, would make me try to fit in the meaning of what settled on my body now :)

I got a Kanji on my nape from a less known tattoo artist in the city, took him ten minutes to put the design nicely in place. Well spent on this thoughtful wish, resulted in a well engraved-quick healed tattoo. A little pain and meager aftercare is what it took to flaunt my new self. 
Hope like this one, I make all happy decisions ahead and keep ticking my wish list :)


  1. Hi ... got here through a click through ... I like you tattoo ... It's simple and nice. It's been on my to do list for a while :)

  2. nice tattoo, and its good that you got your wish fulfilled :)

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