Monday, October 26, 2009

Who sells Who?

“Is this about advertising and endorsements??”
“Might be!” I replied.
I continued, “I had a dream. I was in an extempore among executives in a business school…and I struck a concept to be discussed...”.
“Baap re…bata kya dekha”, he mocked.

I bounced back some 5 hours back in the dream sequence.

“Hello Ladies and Gentlemen…my concept is coined ‘Who sells who?’ ”.
Suddenly, there was a Huss-fuss in the hall.
“What is it about Mrs.Bhatia? Can you specify the category please?”
“Sorry Sir I didn’t decide the category for the concept, it is just an observation and some physics…I tried applying a Newton’s first law between marketing and HR”. how???
“Sounds innovative please go ahead”
“My speculation is the value which an individual adds to the service is directly proportional to the value, he adds to himself…Say for instance, a proficient sales man Rocket Singh at an Auto show impresses a group of individuals by promoting his small scale 2-wheeler and at the end he is offered to join a 4-wheeler multinational. In this case, what will you say?
Did Rocket Singh sell a scooter or did the scooter sell Rocket Singh?
It is vice versa, his proficiency sold scooters and his scooters were the justification of his proficiency which sells him to a larger net. Someone’s marketing boost is other’s HR advent.
Another instance being Phuket Singh who delivers a service to his client and he presents the work as a justification to his proficiency to a third party.
There is a thin line between both the instances. Both provide service, one works at Marketing level and other one at Operations.
Visibility for Rocket is more because of obvious reasons being profile and level.
Rocket Singh does not need to justify his work to a third party and he can even sell a bad service to the customer.
On the other hand, Phuket Singh has to justify his contribution and service and he is not in the position to deliver a bad service…”'

It was no sooner that the long discussion struck between me and my husband. He is a MBA and ever ready to discuss on esp. topics like these.
“See, I am not a MBA, neither do I have a management hands-on, reading a few books and daily observations might have shaped my dream. I am not attempting a thesis, it is just a view dear”, I said.
“ is good you thought…”

It would have gone long but suddenly, there was a knock at my door…my maid was there to provide her services.
I was upfront thinking about retaining my resource and shunning any chance of third party grabbing my proficient and optimized paid maid :))

Saturday, October 10, 2009

7 days of hell and ‘m alive on my proteins again.

I believe in a glamorous lifestyle and really tried hard to incur one.

That’s absolutely for no reason and justification to my family for why ‘m I killing my immunity day after day. I was around 34” in waist before I joined my college. That was all the love and nurture my mom and granny bestowed on their lado.I am a Punjabi girl, there is a typical weird problem in our families that they stuff their kids to the extent they are ready to obtain a new merchandise from VLCC after around 16 years of hoggy investment. If you draw stats for obese percentages on type of families, Punjabis would definitely top the list.

I remember the embarrassing day, when I went shopping for my first day of college and couldn’t find a costume which could fit my size. Later, addressed as aunty on the first day of college by some rowdy group of ragging seniors. It was hellllll!!!

That was a day and after 26 months, when I was flattered to date on most weekends.

This time it was my hostel mess which won the crown. The package wasn’t for free, I had a serious immunity attack for my unhealthy slimming down.

I went on; it took a good 3 months for me to gain a 2” in waist after almost 1 year of engagement with my BF. On his continuous disbelief on the girl, he proposed was 2” slimmer got above head and I fell to dieting again. I didn’t want to lose a tentative husband for good food. If you ladies don’t believe me, you will be at loss; your weight is inversely proportional to the speed of the dating vehicle. And no guy would like to have a low mileage bike except it is designed so like Enfield.

I lost a good 6 kilos in 2 weeks before my marriage. I was on my custom diet plan of flax seeds and green tea to carry my day, followed by loads of salads. I cut down on rice and chapattis totally. Family as usual started to point on my diet which I would never understand. They want the stats which are impossible, 28” would be too thin and 29” would be too fat to stand. But why listen to others when it is your body??

Recently, my husband and I fell to the pangs of viral. It was hell each day, as if some bad omen fell on my happy family. Both of us bed ridden, checking each other’s temperatures every now and then. We lived on milk and apples. He took 4 days to recover and I am still recovering. Everyone blamed me for the viral as if I air bourned the virus of my dieting. I am tired to explain that it is not the salads which caused the viral, but it definitely didn’t help recover soon. In verge of having a good physique, I lost on the stamina. I had a 6 minutes backup. This backup made me capable of making tea and lemon-honey daily. After constant stuffing by Aayi from last few days, the backup has improved considerably to sit in office for 7 hours. I black out after debugging the code for 20 mins continuously.

I am on my way to be fit but I didn’t give up on my protein diet, as I understand not to blame my diet for viruses. But, I understood that this viral thing is hell—God forbid you from viral. Smaller the microbe and it can suck you out of energy and confidence.

But hell which I faced on my first day of college was anytime much painful and non forgetful than the 7 day viral I faced now.