Tuesday, June 29, 2010

20th page in the Diary of a woman.

                                                                              Secret corner in my house
                                                                                                June 29, 2010
“Hi Diary,
Congratulations! Today we have completed twenty years of sharing and bonding.
I don’t know your gender but I know you understand my feelings, just like a woman – the feelings, I am inking on since my childhood are safe in your heart. You hug the deepest and the intimate secrets to your soft and gentle breast just like my mother. It never happened that a bad thought stole my dreams...because I had you - to share my problems with just like my sister. I never miss deadlines or forget the important dates in my life because you are my backup - to calendar each moment I cherish, just like my girlfriend.

I am a woman now and senescent to understand my wants. You know, how significant are the rise of adolescence and the setting of teenage for a woman? That is one reason, I never forget birthdays. The stripling period is over for both of us as we have counted twenty today. I am not considering the initial seven years of my life as I don’t take them to be humanly. I was just like a dog then, getting trained to the ways of the world. But my seventh year brought me a sense of individuality and then I befriended you. I remember how close I was to ma and the first thing I shared with you was an essay on momma:) I loved the way she played with me, dressed me up, taught me, pampered me – I confess she is my best friend till date. I want that motherly care to be with me forever.
I was not so good at making friends in school, though the boys were smarter in this regard. It took me quite a long time to find a best friend. I was 12 then and very emotional for my relationship with Nidhi, my bestfriend. I never realized this till the day; my class teacher changed my seat:(
I wanted nothing except to sit with my best friend in the class.
My 13th birthday taught me another lesson, I didn’t know the onset of thirteen would turmoil my inner self. Experience of puberty is the most substantial period for a woman. This is the time, when you know there is something happening with you but you don’t know what! 
Ever since, I understood adolescence around my 18, I wanted to be respected for the pain I go through every month to be more feminine and ripening to bore a child.
I have seen myself pimpled and ugly. Though, I always wanted to be the princess on earth and …more beautiful than the girl next door. Yes! It was the first time I experienced ‘jealousy’ in my teens. I wanted to be the best in looks, studies, sports and everything that a girl can do.
The jealousy factor is the most dangerous attribute of a woman. It is born when we are girls and dies with our funeral. It is a fact that if there is a woman behind every successful man, there is jealousy behind every successful woman.  
Jealousy drives a woman to achieve her wants - good looks, striking boyfriend, successful relationship, amazing sex, loving husband, laddering career, healthy children and proud death.
The point to be noted is that I never craved for more money but more jealousy. More jealousy because I know it is the fuel for my satisfaction.
This is the most realized want and the most unrealized secret of mine and for that matter - of a woman. Despite the fact that woman’s wants are far above the stature and understanding of a manly head, we want the men to understand us. 
Phew!! Let it be! The world is anyways alive till now. It would be futile and not advisable to explore this deadliest secret for the well-being of the human race. 

Let the lady breathe her freedom and be the ‘Janani’ – creator of the world. Let us not poke her pride for our selfish reasons to understand what she wants!
After-all who wants the world to perish so soon (leave behind the Mayans!!) – hope you agree with me dear diary:)
So, moral of the story is – better not ask a woman what she wants and even if you go a step ahead and raise this question – remain the happiest person on earth by accepting the sweet “Nothing” and thus saving yourself from confronting the womanly wrath and discombobulating the rest of your masculine life:p
I shall be off now, have a long day and lots to do before I sleep.

Ciao soon,
A woman…
(Leaving a small memento for every woman )

p.s. The blog is an entry for this week’s contest called ‘What Women Want’, conducted by BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

‘Frittata-n-Omelette’ life

“Someone said that inspiration needs no ‘muhurat’; it can come from literally anywhere. There are thousands of things, if not million which could inspire us about some of the most incomprehensive aspects. Color, Shape, size and smell are the abstract terms but even they can derive a meaning out of our lives. For say, a sleek mobile can inspire me for a size-zero or a cleanly bound book can even change my way of living. Why not? Sounds weird but if we ponder on science of aromatherapy or color therapy it adds substantial support to the statement. There is range of perfumes in the market and they sell because we believe in power of scent. Similarly, though we understand the thermal physics behind black and white - we can’t help relating the colors to aggressiveness and peace. All the colors hold a meaning they give us the sensation when we see them. There are many examples like a red wrap can race heartbeats whereas; a pink coat can enhance the femininity. I have even read that eating in a purple plate could limit the appetite :P
So, if red could inspire us to love, feather could inspire us to fly, and music can inspire us to dance – moral is anything under the sky could inspire us even a fragile little egg.
Don’t blame me, but weekends inspire me to imagine and thus the analogy -
Egg could just be a breakfast relish for many, but if given a thought it is more than just a protein-bag. Unbroken egg indicates conservation and potential but on the other side it exhibits instability as well. Broken egg on ground indicates destruction and haphazardness but when poured on a hot skillet it is a different entity. I see life as a blend of frittata and Omelette. I would tell the difference between the two condiments. Frittata is an Italian Omelette which is fluffy-stuffy with vegetables and thus colorful. It is a vegelicious treat to the palate and the eyes too. Omelette on the other hand is nothing but a beaten or non-beaten egg; cooked on one or both the sides on a skillet – a well set and slim treat. Both Frittata and Omelette tells a saga on life. Frittata shows how colorful our life can be! It is a beautiful story when the reds and greens blend with each other showing love and prosperity nesting together, resulting in a self sufficient outcome. It doesn’t require a bread support unlike Omelette which is thin, crusty, touchy and light.  
But it is always Omelette for breakfast and Frittata for dinner and even I prefer that way.
Philosophy behind is that I get a good sleep when I am pampered and assured that I have reds and greens in my life just like Frittata.
 But mornings are meant to be fresh, thoughtless and light just like Omelette but the one ‘WITH SUNNY-SIDE UP’ for me :) 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday / NPL

( Pics are the publicity hoardings of the teams in Finals of Nesari premier League (NPL)- clicked in the village chowk of Nesari, Maharashtra)

“Need I say more on the impact of IPL and cricket being religion in India?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday / wordless love

( Oil Can housed to shelter the pigeons - Clicked at my in-laws’ place in a small village in Maharashtra, India)

Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can  be judged by the way its animals are treated”. 

Proud to be a citizen of the great Nation - Proud to be an Indian.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday / Gods & Goons

(Pic clicked on no special request on my trip to Kolhapur)

Wonder how God is reincarnated in India for daily wages!!